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Stay Healthy and safe during Pregnancy

Now you have a baby in your womb, taking care of yourself has never been more important. Of course, everyone’s- your doctor, friends, family members, co- workers and even complete strangers too quick to give you advice on how to take care of yourself during pregnancy. But the fact is staying healthy during pregnancy mainly depends on you- it’s your baby after all!!!

Pregnancy can be a wonderful yet confusing time. There is so much information available that you should know to keep you and baby as healthy as possible. Take a look on the following health tips to consider during pregnancy:

Diet recommendations and additional supplements

Some women have myth that being pregnant gives them a license to eat whatever they want. But unfortunately pregnancy may not be a license to over indulge on your favorite treats, instead you will need to consume more calories to meet the demands of your body. During pregnancy, it is essential to fuel your body with plenty of nutrients. It is good to eat small meals throughout the day to keep your energy up and keep morning sickness away as well.

You need about 300 extra calories per day, especially when your baby grows quickly. Healthy eating is always recommendable, and most importantly while you are pregnant. Keep these foods at the top of your list to give your body the essential nutrients it needs:

• Varieties of green leafy vegetables prepared at home

• Fresh fruits

• Consume fish with low mercury (for individual advice, good to consult with your doctor)

• Pasteurized milk and low fat dairy products

• Can consume lean meats in moderate amounts

• Whole grains bread

• Prefer nuts and beans.

Eating healthy and balanced diet will help you to get the nutrients you need. Consult with your health care provider as he/she will prescribe prenatal vitamins that are meant to supplement your diet.

In addition gardening is good during pregnancy as you will have fresh vegetables and fruits at your disposals and is a good exercise as well. Plus gives you the joy of watching something grow as your baby does.

Additional Supplements

Pregnancy demands high amount of nutrients to ensure the health and growth of your baby. Apart from eating healthy and balanced diet, your health care provider may prescribe you vitamin supplements that help you in conceiving, breast feeding, morning sickness and nutrients support. Calcium, iron and folic acid are some nutrients suggested by your doctor during pregnancy.

Food to Avoid

One of the main breakdowns of being pregnant is the understanding what to eat or what all the high risk foods are and then staying away from them for the duration of pregnancy. First of all, avoid anything that is raw such as eggs or meat. Other foods that you need to avoid are raw seafood (such as prawns or oysters and sushi), anything having high in salt, fat and sugar should be taken in small quantities, undercooked and processed meat and unpasteurized milk.

Most importantly avoid smoking, alcohol drinking and other drugs that may harm your baby health.

Furthermore certain problems are common while you are pregnant such as long period of sadness, depression, infections, high blood pressure and anemia.

At last it is always recommendable to consult your doctor before adding anything new in your diet chart.

Samuel Soliman