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Shape Your Eyes. Shape Your Face.

You’re only given one set of eyebrows, but what you make of them is completely up to you. The best way to secure consistently perfect eyebrows lies in professional treatment first, home treatment later.

Professional Brow Shaping

Although some cosmetic dermatology clinics offer waxing, most estheticians prefer to use tweezers to shape the eyebrows. Waxing can be difficult to control, removing hairs which actually should stay. Tweezing allows your Austin aesthetician to maintain complete control over the shaping, personalizing it to your preference.

If you’ve been tweezing your hair at home, stop for a few months before getting a professional brow shaping. It takes about 2 months for eyebrow hair to grow back; it’s best to go to the professional with as much hair as you naturally have, so they can shape it to the best of their ability.

Self-Care Maintenance

If you choose to maintain your eyebrows shapes at home instead of regularly returning to a professional cosmetologist, you likely want to stick with tweezing. If waxing’s difficult for a professional, imagine the mistakes you could make without the proper training. And despite its convenience, you should never shave your face. Shaving only chops off the hair above the skin’s surface, leaving a 5 o’clock shadow appearance with the hair below the skin’s surface. Proceed with caution; over-tweezing can take a long time to correct, since you have to wait for the hair to grow out again first. Take one hair out at a time to guarantee your brows stay true to form.

If your eyebrows have patches without any hair or very light hair, you may need to use an eyebrow pencil, brow powder or powder eyeshadow to shade in the empty spot.

Meredi Wagner-Hoehn