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Retro Inspired Earrings

Bygone fashions don’t seem to stay bygone these days as retro and vintage styles dominate fashion, whether they are original or inspired pieces. Even if you’re not entirely on the retro bandwagon, there are ways to incorporate a bit of that old school flair to your style without overwhelming it, and one way is a pair of retro inspired earrings. Like any other fashion accessory, earrings are versatile and delicate, they can accent an outfit without overwhelming it while still making a statement. But since so many decades of fab fashion have passed before 2014, how do you know what era of retro is right for you?

First things first: assess your current wardrobe. What’s your overall style? This will determine what kind of statement earring will work best for you. Are you one for bold patterns and angles? Then perhaps a pair of bright, geometric 80’s inspired earrings are your thing. Or is your wardrobe sleek and all about timeless elegance? Then perhaps 50’s pearls are more your thing. It all depends on your own style, or whether you want to break your style. Perhaps you want to give your little black dress new life. Then maybe a pair of 70’s inspired long chain earrings can give you the look you’re seeking. Cocktail jewelry is also another great route and looks great with most styles, invoking the glitz and glamour of the roaring 20’s. These style earrings, or any jewelry, look right at home whether you’re going out to a fancy dinner or out to party.

What if you’re not quite sure whether you want to commit to a certain retro style? If you’re more of a modern fashionista, then don’t look any further than most contemporary made earrings. Retro is always in style, and while buying a bonafide vintage piece always makes for a good conversation starter, you can always look into more modern styles that borrow implements from past fashions. This way you can still look modern and trendy while adding a bit of retro flair. Bring the best of both worlds into your fashion accessory arsenal without having to commit to a certain era if you’re unsure. Or you can even look to modern reinterpretations to help you choose which style vintage item might be worth purchasing.

Sooner or later, any modern pieces you currently own will see new life in the future. Chances are, mothers, aunts, and other relatives have some great pieces they’ve saved from their youth that are now back in style. Not only can you give new life to old styles, but to old family memories as well.

Crystal G.