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Remove Hair Extensions – How to Do it Right Without Damaging Your Hair

It is important to remember that to remove hair extensions you do not want to damage your hair. Hair extensions are a lot of fun, particularly as they let you go from short to long hair quickly and in a brief period of time. Long hair can be a lot of effort and many individuals want the look of long hair but only for a day or weekend, then hair extension is a great option.

Hair extensions are made of real human hair or synthetic material. They are applied to your hair by using various techniques including bonding material and heat. The best looking hair extensions are those that are applied by a professional who knows what they are doing.

The longest that hair extension will last is about 4 months but you may want to remove them sooner. There are several ways to remove the extensions. Right above the bond where your real hair meets the extension is a braid. You can twist the braided section and then snap the the extensions off by the seal.

One of the better options is to go to a hair professional to have them removed as your hair will be the least damaged of any removal method.

If your extensions were applied using glue then you can use a glue dissolver until the hair extension loosens and separates form your natural hair. If your extensions are sewn into your hair then you will need to find the thread that is attaching the extension and then carefully cut this thread.

Once you have removed all of the hair extensions you should comb through your hair to loosen and shed any extensions that were not removed and then shampoo your hair and follow with a deep conditioner. You need to be careful removing the extensions because the glue used for application will cause split ends and damage your hair.

After having hair extensions removed most individuals will need to have their hair trimmed at the very least.

Jacqueline Jade