Premature Graying Hair – Graying Due To Stress

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In today’s society and especially in the West, there is that tendency for us to associate gray hair with old-age. Because of this belief, premature graying hair which occurs much earlier than the graying of regular hair can be very difficult for many to adjust to. My plan now is to look specifically at stress as being a contributing cause of graying hair.

Once the first gray strand of hair appears, many of us begin to suffer from stress i.e we think that we are much older than we actually are) or reach for the bottle of dye. In all of this, one thing we do not realize: that, the graying condition of hair causes stress and that condition can also be caused by stress. The question that now needs to be answered is this: can stress really cause the premature graying of hair?

President Obama has very often times been photographed in very close-up takes of his head showing before and after becoming the president of the US. Having become the president at the time when the world was and still is in turmoil, he has been shown as having streaks of gray hair. Whether real or otherwise, the generally accepted conclusion was that stress was the cause of his graying hair condition since he had to provide solutions to the world’s weighty problems.

As to definitive causative evidence of stress, the jury is still out but on the evidence that has surfaced so far, a cautious yes response to stress being the cause can be given and accepted.

Several evidential assumptions exist as to how stress appears:

a. Unhappy and unfruitful days and their repetition eventually take their toll on the entire body resulting in stress.

b. A stressful body results in forms of anxiety, depression and anger. You, the sufferer, may complain of back pains and headaches, sore joints and muscles. What is happening is that the condition called stress is having severe knock- on effects on the entire body.

c. You will notice during all of the above, and over time, the occasional stray gray strands of hair. You must conclude from those powerful effects that the body was being punished by stress indicating that it had won and the body and all of its appendages had lost.

A further explanation goes something like this: stress causes the body to work overtime expending its nutrients that it needs for survival. The body by not getting the required nutrients causes your hair strands to be impacted upon and will begin to turn gray.

You will notice this process occurring:

At first your hair will lack lustre; it will become limp and eventually it will turn gray. You must remember however that your hair is one on a long list of things that stress will affect.

Most definitely you will be looking for a solution to your graying hair. This solution comes firstly from the knowledge that genetics is definitely a factor in the graying process. There is substantial evidence that this is the case but in regards to stress being a causative factor, you owe it to yourself to reduce the contributing factors. I know that it is easier said than done but action must be taken to remove stress at all cost.

Long term stressors is not good for the body for it accelerates ageing. When the contributing factors are not removed, your immune system becomes weakened. Cells throughout the body also become weakened resulting in every tissue and organ ageing rapidly. People in prolonged stressful occupations like President begin to age rapidly – an aging process that can be seen over time in their faces, graying of hair and behavior.

What now follows are things that you can do to lessen or remove stress:

1. Dyeing your hair

2. Change your mindset to the following that graying hair gives greater stature and experience by developing stress reduction behaviors and attitudes so that you can better deal with any stresses and experience.

3. Learn to quickly accept those gray strands as your own personal property and live with them with less or no stress.

4. Do whatever it is in your power to avoid and/or remove excessive and prolonged stress. If that is not possible, eat a healthy diet that is high in anti-oxidant rich foods.

5. Exercise regularly, sleep and laugh a lot.

Mac Moore