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Popular Prints Available on Jeans Today

Women have several choices to make when it comes to buying fashion jeans. There are many designs of jeans available in different cuts and styles, to suit any body type. Over the years, there has been a growing trend towards printed jeans, with prints ranging from subtle colored pattern effects, to bold tribal and animal designs.

Therefore, print jeans make it possible for more women to create a fashion statement with very little difficulty. These jeans are available in any design imaginable, with personal style, age range and the occasion, determining the most appropriate print. The following are some of the popular prints on jeans available today, including:

· Pattern printed jeans

There are many types of patterns often used to create stylish jeans. Some of these patterns include the paisley, tribal and the stripes. The paisley printed jeans may feature popular items that are either bold, brightly colored paisleys which stand out from the background with contrasting color or subtle with the prints having the same colors as the jeans. The tribal ones, on the other hand, incorporate 2 current trends: tribal-inspired and printed jeans. The striped ones are available in extreme versions, ranging from subtle strips to any national flag.

· Floral printed jeans

The type of flower and color used has the capacity of generating diverse effects often ranging from sweet to attractive. The daisy or rose prints offer the perfect design for a day wear, while the black floral ones give a more edgy look that is most ideal for a night-time wear. Floral ones, depending on the style and print, can be worn by many women. Nevertheless, shorter women look better in smaller prints while larger ones seem to overwhelm their frame.

· Animal printed jeans

Several animal inspired prints have been featured into jeans, with jungle cats like cheetahs and leopards being a common design. Furthermore, zebra prints are popular patterns. For those who prefer reptilian prints, snake prints are common. Regardless of the animal print used, other added features can dramatically improve the appearance of the jeans.

The same way age determines the appropriateness of the jeans to the wearer, distressed jeans, coatings, metallic finishes and styles & cuts of the jeans can determine the appropriateness of the wear to the occasion it is being worn for. However, while the neon animal prints are suitable for teenagers and younger women, the more subtle and natural-hued animal prints work best for women in other age groups.

Imma Sila