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Pocket under the eyes – Causes and solutions

Some people are much more unlucky to end up with bags under their eyes and they look like they were up all night . How come some of us get bags earlier than others? There are several reasons for this.

Bags under the eyes are related to the properties of the area around the eye. It is extremely thin . His skin is very thin and the glands of the skin ( sweat and sebaceous glands) are fewer. The hydro lipid protective film is less abundant.

Dark circles under the eyes can happen to anyone of any age . The elderly are more frequently because of its even thinner than young skin, but only because you are young, not keep you away from these circles.

In fact, venous and lymphatic circulation around the eye drains many elements whose blood pigments. Fatigue, alcohol, tobacco and unhealthy lifestyle cause a contraction of the blood capillaries that carry hemoglobin. These dark red pigments then accumulate under the eyes. The appearance of dark circles is dug from him , a lack of collagen. This protein provides skin elasticity and fatigue leads to lower production in the body.

They will wonder what causes dark circles under the eyes can be more than one thing, but the important thing is that the skin under the eyes is more order, in another part of the body , the blood vessels are more visible here . Lack of sleep may be another reason that receives the darkness in our eyes. You’ve probably noticed more in the morning after a long night , as if by its required six to eight hours of sleep came.

More often circles can also see if you have poor circulation. For any reason , you will find a great eye serum that will do the work of dark circles under eyes . There are things you can do to get rid of, community. There are home remedies , one of the most obvious is to sleep .

Another reason to bags hot green tea ( as hot as you can stand ) to the eye for 15-20 minutes. Cucumber slices in each eyelid speak very well, but will probably not eliminate dark circles. Other options are professionals and expensive care by lasers or filler injections . These come with side effects , blindness is even worse if you are not correct. I think I’d rather have dark circles not see again.

While the tips mentioned above can reduce puffiness under the eyes, it is inevitable that , at some point , Father Time catches up with us all. You will develop bagginess at any given time . Will it have a solution ? In fact , it is.

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