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Paul Walker Leaves Entire $25 Million Estate to Daughter

Paul Walker died a wealthy man, and he left his entire estate in the hands of his 15-year-old daughter Meadow.

The Fast & Furious star, 40, who was killed in a fiery crash in November, was worth $25 million, according to his will obtained by PEOPLE.

But according to the documents, the inheritance came with complications.

Walker’s dad, who is the named executor on the will, petitioned to have the court appoint the late actor’s mom Cheryl as Meadow’s legal guardian. But Walker’s daughter currently lives with her mom, Rebecca Soteros.

According to what Walker requested, his dad also requested to have Cheryl be the guardian of the funds.

It’s no surprise Walker left his all in the hands of his only child.

“He told me recently he was the happiest he’d ever been,” Walker’s close friend Brandon Birtell told PEOPLE shortly after his passing. “It was directly because of the growing relationship with his daughter and the clarity that brought to his life.”

Source: People