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Party Makeup Ideas for Perfect Look

Parties and functions are important part of our life and no doubt young girls and women very eagerly are present at these parties. They waste much of their time in the selection of their dressing and makeup as well as spend a large amount on these things. They try to buy costly items because they want to look more attractive and graceful. But it is their wrong notion that costly things have attracted. Look at yourself; if you have worn a stylish dress without any makeup. Thus, it would not create an outstanding effect on others. Similarly, if you have costly cosmetics and makeup products, but you have applied them wrongly, thus it will create bad effect. Hence, it is extremely important that you must familiar with the perfect ways of using all makeup products. There are some ideal party makeup tips so that you can use makeup items properly and truly standout your personality.

 Party Makeup Step by Step:

Use of Consealer:

Concealer is a good item for those girls who have dark spots and dark circles under eyes. It hides all types of spots from your face and prepares your face for further makeup. Apply a shade of concealer same to the color of your eye circles and avoid your eyes from touching the concealer.

Use of suitable Foundation:

Apply a good quality foundation and blend it carefully on your face. Always choose a shade of foundation that is suitable for your skin complexion. If your eye circles are of gray color apply slightly light pink eye eye-shade before applying foundation otherwise if the color of your eye circles is blue thus applied peach by the same way. This trick would be useful for applying foundation smoothly. After applying foundation completely soaked it up with a tissue, it will remove extra oil from your face.

Use of Loose Powder:

Try to apply the smallest amount of loose powder otherwise thick coat gives you hideous look. Blend this powder by using a soft makeup brush.

Eye-Makeup tutorial:

Apply a light colored eye shade such as bone, pink or white all over the eye area from lash line to brow. Softly line the top and bottom lashes with a black pencil or liquid eyeliner. Apply Dark color, eye shadows for night function such as purple, pink, brown and golden whereas applying soft and light colors for daytime parties. As well as making your eye makeup more noticeable use fake eyelashes and a thick coat of mascara.

Use of Blush:

Apply blush very carefully and blend it finely, be careful, it did not come on the top of your cheekbone. If you applied it wrongly, thus don’t touch with your hand and remove it with the help of slightly wet cotton.

Use of Lipstick:

Now a days different glittering shades of lipstick are available in the market, but you must choose them very carefully. As well as always choice for a shade that is suitable for your skin complexion and eye color because it would create an ideal effect. It is right to use light shades with lip gloss in daytime and use dark shades for night functions. If you want long lasting lipstick, apply a bit of talcum powder on your lips after applying lipstick.

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