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Natural Hair Care Basket For Different Types Of Hair

With the increasing pollution, your hair goes through an extremely tedious wear and tear making them lose their original quality and flamboyance. What’s the solution? Well, before getting to the solution, it is important for you to understand the fact that there is no universal solution to treat all types of hair equally. And hence, today, we will discuss some organic treatments for different hair types. Know the solution right here!

In addition, always remember that natural care is the best way to deal with your hair scares.

1. Oily

Your hair requires a little of its natural oil to keep your tresses in a good condition. However, too much oil can make it look dirty and floppy. If you’ve noticed that both your hair as well as the scalp is oily, then you should ensure a change of shampoo at the earliest. Besides that you should avoid washing your hair daily as the oil glands tend to secrete more oil due to the massaging. Wash it on alternate days by using an amalgamation of natural hair care products that include a healthy hair pack, a gentle conditioner and seal the protection with a shine and protect hair mist. Also, ensure to use the flat end of your fingers for a more gentle yet effective wash.

2. Dry/ Frizzy

Dry hair is something that is caused due to some form of damage done to your hair. Too many sittings of coloring, too much exposure to heat, straighteners, curling irons, etc. could lead to a condition like this. You should take special care of your tresses as dry hair appears rather frizzy and damaged. Make sure to buy organic hydrating shampoo and a nourishing conditioner that is specifically meant to treat dry hair. You should also avoid using straighteners and curling irons as far as possible. Also, when heading to the beach, use a leave-in conditioner to protect your hair from the harsh salt water, ding so will ensure no damage is done to the hair, retaining its original quality.

3. Thin

Just because you’re born with thin hair, does not mean you give up and leave them looking lifeless. Get your hopes back and adapt these simple techniques to help create the illusion of having lustrous, thick hair. Go in for a blunt cut or any other style that keeps all of your hair the same length. This makes your hair look fuller and thicker at the ends. For a hair type as yours, you need to condition the strands and the ends rather than just the roots. Many would recommend you against the use of a conditioner, however, using one will help prevent split ends and keeps your hair healthy and away from breaking and thinning any further. You could go all out and gift yourself a natural hair care basic kit that comes to ease all of your worries at once.

Just like you, your hair too needs special care that is specific to its type. Take appropriate care of them and choose natural and organic treatment options as per your hair type. You could opt for a natural hair care basket filled with organic products to help better the deteriorating condition of your hair.

Mohit M Kumar