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Nail Art and Designs Trend

If you are running out of ideas on what to do with your nail designs, you should really spend couple of minutes to read this latest nail art trend here. Great nail art can be developed through using many materials, latest nail polish, accessories, stickers and most important is the handy art and skill to make up beautiful nail shapes, and nail surface.

Hologram and Holographic Nail Design

Holograhic nail art is something really cool and great for party and hangout for ladies. Especially eye catchy in pub and disco. You can find some hologram nail art stickers to apply a full or a semi holographic design over your nail. Usually it is best to go with plain base nail color or light nail polish colors. You can always cut out the unique design you want from the hologram sticker to make your nail art more unique and cool.

Marble Nail Art

Marble nail art is pretty elegant and looks natural as the smooth and natural swivel looks give you many added points on your nail. However it needs some skill to apply marble nail art by yourself, so it is good to hire someone professional to do it for you.

 Swarovski Crystal

Other than using glitter dust powder, now many girls are using swarovski crystal as decoration, since it gives higher reflection and looks outstanding as compare to shinning powder. Also just a quick tip, not to apply all of your nails with swarovski crystal, as it makes your nail art looks lame, just apply on 1 to 2 nail to make it unique. You can also use some fake diamonds or rhinestones to replace swarovski crystal, but the crystal clear effect will be lesser.

3D Design Accessories

There are many cute, pretty, sexy, fun 3D design nail accessories out there today. So if you intelligently make use some of this 3D accessories, you can create a great nail art by your own. Try to buy many different designs as you can always mix and match to form unique design.

Latest Nail Polish Coloring

Nail polish coloring is always the great indicator of trending nail art, since it is the must have for any nail art design. Most of the time the best nail art is by applying the right nail polish, simple, smooth and great color to go with your dress. So please do check out frequently what is the latest nail polish product launch by the key nail polish providers in each season.

Hope this couple of useful tips can help you to get your very best nail art always!

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