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Myths about Skin Care

Our skin is our primary line of protection against the world we live in. Hence, we have to keep it healthy. Purchasing skincare products and seeing a dermatologist in Arizona on a regular basis are not a total waste of money. They are your way to having a nourishing, soft and radiating skin. Your skin doctor, specifically, can provide you with tips on how you should take care of it and they are not just skin care myths you’ve been adapted to believe in.

Skin Care Myth #1: When your skin feels squeaky clean, this means you have cleansed it fantastically.

You need to aim to make floors in your own home squeaky clean, but your skin? Most certainly not! If it feels that way, it means that you have taken out all the water in your skin and this will cause the piling up of dead skin cell in the surface. If your skin feels too tight after cleansing, you have to quickly apply moisturizer on it. But this is just a momentary solution – not the real one. You have to change the soap you use. You should obtain the one that leaves your skin so smooth after washing. You shouldn’t rub your skin with towel completely after bathing; you should only pat it dry.

Skin Care Myth #2: You have acne because of poor hygiene and junk foods like chocolates.

Acne is caused by the overproduction of sebum in your face that then clogs the pores but this has nothing to do with dirt. The factors that cause the appearance of acne are pressure, bacteria, pollution and hormones. On the other hand, greasy foods, soda and chocolates is not going to worsen your acne. If you have to avoid or lessen your intake of these foods, the main reason will have something related to your overall health.

Skin Care Myth #3: Any medical practitioner can look at the condition of my skin and offer the required treatment
Medical professionals have different know-how and in the same way that people have various health concerns. For this reason, someone who has a specific need ought to go to a doctor who has this field of expertise. If your problem is about your skin, you should go to a dermatologist in Arizona. This expert understands how to deal with your needs very well.
Skin Care Myth #4: Wash your face with warm water to open its pores.

Some skincare products state that they have the power to open skin pores when combined with warm water. This is so not true. Based on a dermatological expert, the opening of the skin does not alter in size and never function like doors. The reality is that oil, solidified dirt and makeup trapped in between pores come loose with hot water; hence, you are able to cleanse your face better in this manner. However, you have to be careful with the temperature. It should not be too hot or you will eliminate the natural oils in your skin. This may lead to dryness and irritation.

If you have concerns with your skin, visit a dermatologist in Arizona immediately. This is no matter if it is a serious skin issue or just about how to make your skin flawless, radiant and look younger.

Antoinette Richard