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Methods of Applying Makeup At Your Workplace

There is a big controversy as to whether the women should use makeup at work or not. Many people believe that the women must have entirely natural faces without any makeup when they are at work. They believe that in this way women look more business like as well as thorough professional. Many others are of the opinion that women can freely apply the complete make up they wish when at work place.

However there is surely a fine line between using just nominal make up and looking smart as well as groomed or wearing large makeup and looking utterly unprofessional.

If you are wearing too much foundation or some wrong shade then it will surely look very bad. You must apply the foundation only where you need it, many people require it on their T zone but if you don’t require it anywhere else then you must leave it at that. You will positively have the coverage you require without looking much caked in the make up. If you possess a good skin then you can wear a tinted moisturizer instead of using the foundation as it will provide you with a lighter and more natural coverage.

If wearing bronzer instead of the blusher, you should pick up the shade which is not too dark. You must then apply it on the areas of the face which get the natural sunlight like the nose tip, top side of your cheek bones, and brow bone and then blend thoroughly.

When wearing blush you must ensure that the shade you choose is not that bright as otherwise it will appear as cheap and would spoil your look. You must apply it on the fleshiest areas of the cheeks and then blend it in circles with the help of a large brush.

You must avoid wearing anything striking and must also stick to the darker or some neutral colors. You can also opt for the glosses which will create a natural look.

Clumps of mascara may look quite unprofessional so you need to take a tip or two from the experts. Before applying the mascara, the wand must be removed from the tube and you must leave it to the air from drying for a minute. This will result in the drying of the mascara and would also reduce any risk of clumps. You must apply it by holding the wand in the horizontal position at the base of your lashes and then moving it up in the zig zag type motion, as this will ensure the uniform coating on all the eye lashes.

Joshua Windland