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Matte Red Lips

Red is the top selling color lipstick worldwide. That certainly says a lot about the color that literally started it all. After all the first lip stains created back in the times of Cleopatra were made from strawberries and raspberries; in order to give lips a beautiful flushed red color.

Season after season we see red make its way from one collection to the next. Sometimes it appears in high gloss, others with shimmer. This season we are seeing a whole lot of matte red on the spring runways. Matte red brings out the lips and creates the perfect pout to wear both day and night.

The first step towards achieving this look is to choose the right shade of red. Remember, not all reds are created the same. It is very important when choosing red lipstick to understand which red undertones looks the best on your skin tone. If your skin has a warm olive undertone, go with a red that has orange undertones. If you have fair skin or very dark skin (cool skin tone) choose a red that has blue undertones to it.

Your next step is to decide what type of color you want to use. You can get matte red in lipstick form; stain form and lip-gloss that dies as a stain. This choice is all about preference. While lip stains do tend to last longer, they do not offer the color depth you will get from a lipstick. You want to make sure you feel comfortable with the formula. Matte means there is less moisture in the formula, so you really have to find a source of color that feels comfortable for you.

Once you have your lipstick or lips stain, you now have to prep your lips for application. To achieve the perfect matte lip you need to have a smooth lip base. It is extremely important to exfoliate so that your lips are smooth and avoid flaking. Once you have exfoliated, sleep with lip balm on your lips. The smoother your lips the better, and you certainly do not want to use balm with the matte color, this will add shine.

Now you are ready for application! To avoid bleeding and create more definition, outline your lips with concealer and blend in very carefully. Star applying your lip color on the top lip, working from the center out. Apply color to the bottom lips, also starting at the center and going to the corners. Gently blot your lips; do NOT rub! That old trick your mother taught you does not work.

Noelle Zaldivar