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Malaysia Holidays – Top Diving Destinations

Malaysia is loved by water sports enthusiasts and specifically by those who just revere scuba diving. Thousands of such fanatics book air tickets on flights to the Asian country to explore underwater treasures at places like Lankayan, Redang and Mabul.

Heaps of leisure vacationers board flights bound for Malaysia to revel in the region’s ecstatic show of water sports. Perhaps of all the water-based pursuits, diving is the one that appeals most to the keen visitors in the country. There are multiple excellent locations in Malaysia that lets the holiday maker take in the glory of the country’s underwater secrets. Take a look at some of the top dive spots in the nation.

For most hardened divers, there is only one address in Malaysia and that’s Lankayan Island. It is a small island in the north of the city of Sandakan in eastern Sabah and it is all about diving in here. Some accounts put the figure of luxury resorts in the place as just one! Expectedly, the accommodation charges are high and only the true blue diver would be interested to shell out large wads of cash. Of course, they are reimbursed in full with a brilliant set of dive spots and fantastic conditions. Those who are blocking tickets aboard Malaysia flights only with one purpose and that is to dive amidst the glorious corals and marine life, Lankayan is perhaps the finest bet.

Layang-Layang is not your traditional tropical island. It has concrete landing strip and has only one resort and a marine base that’s situated on a large sand side. Since it is located in the not so commercialised part of the country, diving here is a lot of fun as the pristine naturals hasn’t been completely pulverised by the onslaught of human race. Money spent on flights tickets would seem worth as the adventurer in you gets the peek into the regions’ pristine corals and big schools of fish. Surely, it is a perfect venue for the seasoned diver.

Redang is actually a big hit with leisure vacationers who visit Malaysia after reserving air tickets. The island is within the Terengganu Marine Park at the east coast of Peninsular Malaysia, and is renowned in the region for its wonderful dive sites and equally wonderful weather conditions. While the veteran will find the expedition challenging, even the greenhorns can hope to enjoy the settings with cheap PADI courses available easily. There is an airport right on the Redang Island that does handle some flights from very few selected airlines. It is best to seek the advice of the tour operator in case you are interested in getting tickets to the airport. Further, it is advisable to avoid the monsoon period between October and March if a visit to Redang is on the mind while you seek flights to the Malaysian shores.

The list continues with the very beautiful Tenggol isle. Located on the east coast of Peninsular Malaysia, Tenggol offers some of the finest diving conditions in the country, but the water current can prove to be very tricky for the tyros and it is best that diving at Tenggol is left to the experienced souls. There are number of charming resorts in the region and one can take in the hospitality as well while going on about the business of exploring marine life. Just like Redang, it is best not to pick up tickets aboard Malaysia bound flights for a Tenggol adventure during the monsoon season that runs from October and March.

Like other east coast islands of the Peninsular Malaysia, Tioman too is a wonderful venue to exorcise the diving itch! The destination is even more special as it allows snorkelling and kayaking as well. Tioman is a large isle and there is no dearth of space to carry out other fun activities too. Reaching the place can be an issue for the tourists, unless one is willing to spend a fortune on tickets for direct flights from Kuala Lumpur to Tioman airport.

Tunku Abdul Rahman Marine Park is almost the ideal destination for the first timers who are bitten by the diving bug. There are PADI courses available to educate and prepare the beginners. Even the weather conditions are suitable for those who are just starting out. It is located close to the city of Kota Kinabalu and hosts a number of dive sites that are truly brilliant. There are few dive schools as well at the TAR Marine Park and many more at Kota Kinabalu.

Sipadan is considered by many as the best place to enjoy a round of scuba diving. While it is comparatively small in size, Sipadan has easily one of the best and biggest ocean life treasures in the whole of Malaysia. As many as 3000 species of underwater life can be found in the area.

Mabul is very close to Sipadan and is known as one of the best macro diving sites on the globe! Ghost pipefish, stonefish, frogfish, mantis shrimp, snake eels and seahorses are some of the species awaiting tourists who are willing to let flights of underwater fancy take wings at Mabul.

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