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Making Your Hair Color Last Longer

We spend a lot of money making sure we look our best. For some of us, the color of your hair is one of those things that just have to get budgeted. Whether you need a pick me up, a new look, or just need to cover some grey, hair color by a professional stylist can be expensive (well worth it though!). In order to make your color last as long as possible, there are a few tips and tricks you can follow.

1. Don’t shampoo – Avoid shampooing your hair at least 24 hours before visiting the salon. The natural oils from your scalp can actually make the hair color last longer.

2. Deep condition – A few days before visiting the salon for your new color, apply a deep conditioning treatment so your hair is in the best shape possible to hold on to the new color treatment.

3. Avoid chlorine – Swimming is fantastic fun especially when there’s a hot sun, a BBQ and a nice inviting pool. But the damage that chlorine can do to your hair, not to mention too much sun exposure, might make you think twice. Aside from the damage aspect, it will also make your color fade faster.

4. Condition regularly – After your hair color, be sure to condition regularly as hair color can dry out your hair. Healthy hair will hold the color longer.

5. Avoid daily washing of hair – I know, I know… most of us feel that we have to wash our hair every day, but it’s not really necessary and can make your color fade faster. If you have oily hair and feel that you must shampoo, then use a dry shampoo.

6. Use shampoo and conditioner for color treated hair – There are special formulas of shampoo and conditioner that are made specifically to make your hair color last longer, and they really work! Ask your stylist which would be the best for you

7. Avoid alcohol – No, I’m not saying you can’t drink-that’s up to you. But you do want to avoid any styling products that have alcohol as one of the top five ingredients. Not only is this very bad for your hair, but it can cause your color to fade faster. If you’re already purchasing products from your hair salon, then you have no worries, but if not, be sure to check the ingredients before you buy.

There’s no replacement for professionally applied hair color, but we can make our color last a little longer with some special care. Happy coloring!

Tara Uhrinek