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Makeup Tips For Working Women In Their Thirties

Makeup is way for you to make yourself look more physically attractive, but as you age the type of makeup that you apply and the way that you apply it changes. Gone are the days of lip-gloss and blue eye shadow and now comes a time when you should concentrate are certain areas of your face to create a more appealing look. At thirty you are still extremely young, but you should look more refined and sophisticated. Therefore, these makeup tips can grow with you and help you look more confident and appealing as you continue to age.

Your Face Takes More Time

When you are younger there were fewer beauty steps in your routine, but as you age there are more products that need to be applied.

Concealer is something that isn’t always necessary in your twenties, but is very important in your thirties. As discoloration and other marks become more apparent on your skin, it is necessary to use concealer to cover up blemishes and give you a better complexion.

Foundation can be applied after your concealer to create a more natural look that covers all blemishes and imperfections of your skin.

Eyes Should look More Natural

When you are younger you probably wore more outrageous eye colors, but as you age it is important to wear more natural tones that highlight your natural features.

Browns and earthy tones are very popular eye shadow choices for women in their thirties, because they look more natural and appealing. Shiny and sparkly eye shadow is not a preference of business women in their thirties and should not be worn.

It can also be beneficial to begin thickening your eyelashes to make them look fuller.

Shape Your Brow

Your brow is a very visible feature of your face and can change your entire appearance. So it is very important that you shape or pluck your brow to create a flattering look.

You can also apply lighter eye shadow over your brow to make it look more appealing, but it is never recommended to draw on your brow. This usually doesn’t look good.

Use Softer Lip Shades

Bright red and dark black lipsticks are not really appropriate for the workplace or for women as they age gracefully.

Softer pinks and lighter reds are perfect for women that want to look natural, but also have lips that stand out. This will allow you have lips that get attention, but aren’t overpowering.

You Don’t Need Red Cheeks

Blush isn’t necessary for most women, but as you age it is even less important. Too many pink or red tones will have you looking like a clown and create a look that is unnatural.

It is best to use a little cream blush that blends easy and only creates a slight tint of color on your cheek.


As you age it becomes more and more important to take preventive measures to protect your skin.

This will allow you to have skin that is natural and healthy. Sunscreen is a great way to protect your skin and many foundations even have SPF.

Ruby Palmer