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Looking After Your Shoes – Some Hints and Tips

We all love our shoes and should pay them the respect they deserve, by keeping them in the best possible condition. Without the right kind of shoe-care, our footwear can quickly become worn and ground into ruin. For true longevity, we need to look after our shoes. It doesn’t matter if its heels, boots, sandals, trainers or pumps – every variety will have a shorter lifespan if the right kind of care isn’t applied.

Unfortunately, it can be difficult to know what’s best for each different type of shoe. As a result, outlined here are the most effective ways to give your footwear the correct kind of attention. Firstly, as a rule of thumb, it’s a good idea to not over-wear your shoes. This gives them a rest break, lets them breathe and allows any sweat to evaporate for good.

Every type of shoe needs to be protected and treated with specific products. It’s really important to get some spray disinfectant on the inside of the shoes. This helps to keep any nasty fungal infections at bay.

It may sound obvious, but making sure you have the right size shoe will help not only your feet, but the condition your footwear remains in too. Many of us actually wear wrongly sized shoes and simply put up with it. Whether they are a size too big or small – both ways can affect your toes, feet and ankles negatively.

To prolong the life of some of your favourite footwear, a good idea is to get replacement soles every 2-3 years. This will make all the difference to the shoes, as the sole is the area that has to work the most and is subjected to the most amount of friction.

In terms of cleaning and protecting your shoes, you might wonder if there are different treatments for all the different kinds of material that make them. You’d be correct in the assumption. For leather, you should always clean with a soft cloth and keep up with the care of the leather. Use specific cleaner and conditioner for this job and then a colour free wax to bring out the best in them.

For synthetic shoes, you can scrub with rougher cloths and be less gentle than with leather. Suede is delicate and so only use the softest of damp cloths to wipe marks away.

Remember to store your footwear in dry places, so as not to let moisture seep into the fabric. To help them keep their shape, try stuffing soft paper or socks into the shoes.

Jack Goldie