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Looking After Your Football Foots – Tips To Get Them To Perform Better

If you have just invested in a pair of high quality football boots, you will experience a marked improvement in your game. However, you do have to take very good care of them in order to ensure their longevity and get the best possible performance out of them. The following tips will help you get the best performance from a new pair of football boots:

1. You generally cannot just go to play in a brand new pair of boots because they might not give the best performance in that condition. Besides, they might hurt your feet and increase the possibility of an injury. Thankfully, it is fairly easy to break in a brand new pair of shoes so that they are comfortable and safe to use. Wear your new boots and go out for a walk in the yard so that they become more flexible. You do not need to do any strenuous activity at this time, you just need to ensure that your shoes get enough wear before you finally play a game in them. Be sure to wear them for a training session or two before you wear them to an actual match. You cannot afford to hobble around in ill-fitting and painful shoes when you have a match to win.

2. Clean your boots after every match, ensuring that all debris has been removed. Be especially careful about cleaning your boots if you have been playing on grass. Use a sponge or soft brush to clean your shoes, taking care not to soak them in water. Do not use extremely hot water to clean your shoes or else you might destroy any adhesives used to hold certain parts of the shoes together. Also, please do not use a wire brush on your shoes under any circumstances because they will cause irreparable damage.

3. Use a shoe stretcher on your shoes in between uses. This will help to retain their shape. If you do not have a shoe stretcher then newspapers will suffice to do the job.

4. If your shoes are wet then dry them out in the air instead of putting them under a heat source. This will prevent them from getting dried out and cracked.

It is very important to take good care of your shoes on a regular basis. However, you will be happy to know that this task is not terribly difficult even though it can be fairly time consuming.

Rizvana Manzoor