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Long Necklace Is Back In Trends In 2014

Most of us take great interest in what the celebrities wear on the red carpet. Women watch TV programs and magazines to know what’s in fashion now and check out what looks are hot at present time. Jewelry is always the only thing that catches all women’s attention and seems to timeless. In 2014, long necklace is back in trends.

Simple diamond necklace and big statement necklace are commonplace to see but not this year. 2014 is a year all about long necklaces. It’s a vintage style that has been around for years. However, the fashion is cyclical. Women love it because it can provide an antique inspired look for the wearer. There are several renowned products that are very popular among celebrities, which a perfect inspiration to create such a vintage look.

Long necklace comes in so many different styles that every woman can make her own especially when she wants to layer her necklaces. Simple antique inspired from animals is available from online stores. So how to wear it properly?

The necklace speaks for itself, so focus on just one specific look and go for what makes that style. You can choose a necklace that is not too heavy to match with a simple long top dress or tunic. Or it will become a statement necklace.

You can also create an edgier office look by mixing long chains and pearls over a structured white button down. Wearing the necklaces on the outside of the collar will create a “Devil Wears Prada” look for you. Just keep in mind: get funky with it.

Another thing you need bear in mind is to keep everything else simple. For example, if you have big and flashy necklace, choose small and simple earrings, or you’ll look like a gypsy wearing too much stuff.

According to the necklace you choose and the way you wear, the style will be completely altered. Before you wear a long necklace outside your house, you can try different styles in the store to see which style flatters you most.

This look is a vintage style that you can wear for whole day. You can also wear it with your weekend outfits to create a casual look. Don’t be afraid to show your long necklace off.

Jessica Stewart