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Let’s go out for a walk

We spend almost half of our life time on the road. Some people go on their ways to searching for knowledge, some to make their living, less of them path on the sideway to looking for the real fun. You may have been on all of those ways, but most people on earth are pushing forward to earn their living days and nights by life.

With the development of our world, we have higher buildings and wider highways, but shorter temperaments and narrower points of view. We have more convenient and higher technology communication tools, less and less talk time. Especially for those people who live in urban residence. They shuttle back and forth days and nights busy for living.

They have become friends of mobile phone, panel personal computer and cold house, losing their soul mate — the true self. The relationships between people become more indifferent. More, numerous enterprise sacrificed ours environment to develop their economy which led to the worse and worse living condition. Crowded traffic, poor air quality and water quality problems surrounded them every single day, making them more irritable. Sometimes we have the misgivings that the things we are pursuing are or aren’t what we actually want, what situation would be in the future decades, can we feeling better with time goes on? We just doubt.

However, not everyone can make the decision of life in simple country. Therefore, how could we get rid of our rebellious mind and keep calm and serene? Trying to go out for a walk while you get one day off, or do some outdoor sports to keep your with active attitude. There are various things you could do except of staying home and playing computer games, such as hiking, camping, travel, sightseeing, etc.

Hiking and camping with your friends is another life experience totally different from dating them in urban areas. You can not only harden your body and release your stress, but also open the mind and improve friendship. So do travel and sightseeing. You will get the most present surprise to find you getting closing to yourself when close to nature. Life is a chain of moments of happiness, not only about survival. Please do not delay anything that adds you laughter and happiness. So, why not go out for a walk?

Lee J.