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Leather Corsets

Leather corsets are fast becoming a fashion item in the 21st century, more and more are becoming available on the market, but you must look out for the fake leather out there, there are so many and far too many disappointed customers receiving them. Of course there are some popular companies that do sell the faux leather corsets as they are much more affordable and they do not cheat you by selling them off as genuine leather corsets, that is the difference.

Leather corsets come in various shapes and sizes just like a regular steel boned corset does. I only talk about steel boned corsets as that is the only type i recommend, i don’t ever recommend the cheaper fashion corsets, as i am all about style and quality and not settling for less.

So you’ll have the over bust corset that sits over your bust and will have a front enclosure of either hook and eye or a zip. A zipped front enclosure is generally a little more expensive, as they harder to make, but look amazing on and far less fiddly.

Then you have the under bust style that sits under your bust, commonly worn over a top, a vest top or shirt. These too will either have a metal busk enclosure or zip. Zip enclosures look great on a leather corset, as it brings a little detail to the corset.

Unlike the steel boned corsets that are made of flock material or cotton materials, a leather corset can not be printed on, so are generally plainer, unless you find a seller that has embellished their corsets chains and studs, more money yes, but an exquisite kind of corset for the real leather lover and corset lovers out there. Hard to come by maybe as not many people spend that sort of money, but when you find a seller does nothing short of exquisite, then you are on to a winner.

Gone are the days when leather was only worn by gothics and biker women, now all types of women are stepping out in style in these corsets and lets face it, women have never looked so good. There is a lot available to women these days and lots of clothing that is designed to enhance our figures and shape us, a corset is one of those amazingly designed items of clothing that feels like a bit of magic when worn. I know that i personally feel amazing and confident when wearing a corset.

Tips on buying a leather corset: Ensure it is steel boned, if the price is too low then it is likely to be too good to be true and ensure the corset is fully lined and has a modesty panel built in, all must have when buying a corset.

Sonya Maachou