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Learn How To Apply Makeup From A Professional

How do you apply under eye concealer? Most people will just look directly into the light when they do this. That’s always a bad idea, because it makes it difficult for you to see the flaws that you’re trying to cover up. A far better idea would be to look down, and away from the light. This should make any wrinkles or other flaws, produce shadows. These are exactly what you need to see. It’s an important principle to follow when you learn how to apply makeup. You need to angle your head in such a way that the light accentuates the flaws that you wish to hide.

When you apply foundation, you don’t ever want to just keep yourself steady and just work with your hands. You want to constantly move your face about and check yourself out in the mirror all the time. You always see more when you see yourself in different angles.

How do you apply blush? The experts will always try to study your cheekbone structure to know how to apply makeup there. How do you know how your cheekbone structure goes? A good idea would be to suck in your cheeks. Pucker your lips and suck in your cheeks. That should expose your bone structure a little bit. You want your blush to follow that.

You want to do the opposite when you put powder on – you want to puff your cheeks out a little bit. Why do you want to do this? Because if you don’t, whatever light wrinkles there are (not that there are any), your powder will accumulate on those and accentuate them. Give yourself an instant shot of Botox – puff your cheeks out when you put your powder on, and it won’t settle in those wrinkles.

Many of us see a crepe like texture to our eyelids. There are these very delicate wrinkles there. How to apply makeup on those? Well, again, you want to give yourself an instant Botox injection – raise your eyebrows like you’re looking down on someone rather snobbish way. This should help you do this correctly.

Mascara can be tricky to apply. You’re always afraid of being overeager with the mascara brush and getting some in your eyes. And so, you’ll only do the tips of your eyelashes and not go right down to the roots. It’s always much easier to apply makeup when you can see exactly what you’re doing though. Tilt your head back to be able to see your lashes right down to the roots, and then use your wand. You’ll feel a lot more confident.

Dave Simpson