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How To Wear Orange

Something about the cool weather this time of year inspires people to start wearing the color Orange. Maybe it is because everything starts to taste like pumpkin. It is beautiful but intimidating color to wear, however, it is more versatile than you think. There are so many shades of orange from a very light peach to a deep blood orange. This color suits every complexion and adds a natural warmth to your skin. The trick is to find the right one.

The first step to wearing orange is to remember that less is more. Do not be tempted to wear it from head to toe or you will be mistaken for an escaped convict or runaway squash. This shade can add a nice punch to your outfit, so do not be pressured to wear large amount of it. Wearing a peach colored scarf with a cream sweater layered under a denim jacket will instantly add the pop of color that you need.

Remember, there are so many shades from which to choose. Here are a few popular hues and their complementary color pairings:

  1. Mango – A light and vibrant shade that compliments well with Pink.
  2. Tangerine – Brighter than Mango, and pairs beautifully with Yellow or Blue-Grey.
  3. Rust – A deep reddish Orange that looks wonderful with Brown or Cream. If you look good in red, this is a good shade for you.
  4. Coral – A slightly pinker shade of Orange that looks good with Teal. If you are someone with pink or blue undertones, this would look best on you.
  5. Pumpkin – A warm hue with a slight dullness. It pairs well with Cream and Tan.
  6. Apricot – Has a slight blush to it and compliments Navy Blue.

Because Orange is a warm color, it naturally goes well with Yellow. This combination works well when pairing accessories. Wear an orange scarf and yellow earrings for a bright look. Pair bright yellow heels with an pumpkin clutch purse. Or wear an intermixing of coral and mustard bangles!

Be careful wearing orange with black. Because this combination is synonymous with Halloween, no matter what you wear, it could look tacky. If you must wear black and orange, make sure you incorporate other complimentary shades to soften the orange and black combination.

The best way to start wearing orange is to begin small. Wear just one piece to warm you up to the idea. Whether it is a scarf, purse, jewelry or shoes, this color can be the perfect accent to bring life to your outfit.

Crystal G.