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How To Start Practicing “Organic” Skin Care

Everyone who cares about preserving the youthful look of their skin knows that typical skin care products contain chemicals that can be harmful. The best way a person can avoid putting these harmful substances on their skin is to use only skin care products that include organic substances. This can be a challenge because even some products advertised as organic are petroleum based and contain ingredients that may be toxic. The best defense is to always read every label and be educated about what ingredients are safe and those that are not. Another way an individual can be sure their skincare products are completely organic is to purchase products with the term “certified organic” on the label.

Although there are completely organic skincare products available for purchase, there are also some natural substances that can be used to effectively cleanse and moisturize the skin. Honey has long been used as a mask to cleanse and soften the skin. The procedure involves using raw honey to spread evenly over the face, leaving it on for at least 10 minutes or longer and then rinsing it with warm water. Most people are amazed at how easily it rinses off and how smooth and soft it leaves the skin. The honey is anti-bacterial and can reduce the occurrence of acne for young people, although some report a slight breakout as toxins are brought to the surface. The honey mask can then be followed with apple cider vinegar as a toner and coconut oil makes a great moisturizer.

Sun protection is also essential for skin that remains healthy and beautiful for years. A broad-spectrum sunscreen should always be used to protect from the damaging rays of the sun. Look for chemical free sunscreens formulated especially for people who are allergic to typical sunscreens.

Organic skin care can also include eating a nutritious diet of foods that support healthy skin. Many people do not realize the negative impact poor nutrition can have on their complexion, and how much better their skin will look when they reduce or eliminate fats and sugar from their diet. The skin is really the largest organ of the human body, and there is a direct connection between the overall health of a person and the appearance of their skin. Including a lot of lean protein, fruits and vegetables in the diet is important, but natural supplements can also help. Most foods available in supermarkets these days are over processed and no longer contain the beneficial nutrients that would be available in their natural state. Supplementing the diet with an organically based vitamin/mineral supplement helps to support proper nutrition.

The life of most people involves a certain amount of stress that cannot be avoided, but there are steps that can reduce the harmful effects of it. Exercise is a great stress reliever and nearly everyone can increase their activity level at least some. Research has shown that walking is an exercise that reduces stress more than any other activity.

Diana Chin