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How to Put on Makeup for Blue Eyes

How to Put on Makeup for Blue Eyes

For those blue eyed women out there, here you’ll find eye makeup tips on how to make those gorgeous eyes really stand out.

  • Silver eyeshadow works well for those with blue eyes, you can apply this all the way from your top eyelashes to your eyebrows.
  • Using a light color like pink, dust the top of the silver shadow, blending it to make the two mix.
  • Highlight your ‘v’ area (corner of your eye), bringing the eye shadow outward, to give it that hue effect, with a slightly darker shade of pink.
  • Using either pencil / charcoal / liquid eyeliner, apply it like mentioned above, and experiment with colors like gray / dark blue / green / silver eyeliner.
  • Colors that work best for those with blue eyes – bright blue, gold, gray, silver, green and so on.
  • Move on to applying mascara, also mentioned above.