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How to Pick the Right Makeup

Good makeup doesn’t come cheap and getting it right might mean taking a bit of a gamble. It’s all very well experimenting, but sometimes your budget might not cover expensive mistakes. So here are a few tips and tricks that you might find useful when purchasing makeup, or if you want to make a few changes to your everyday look…

Work out your budget and stick to it

If you covert the designer names but can’t quite justify forking out for the privilege, then you needn’t be missing out. Even if you can’t spend too much on your beauty products, the cheaper brand names shouldn’t be ignored. Many are of superb quality and, if it’s just for everyday use, are equal to anything with a higher price tag. So whatever your budget, you’ll be pleased to know that you’ll find something fantastic within your price tag. To get an idea of what you can afford, search online for discounted products . Not only could you find a great budget product or two, but if you’re determined to stick with designer names, buying online might save you a few bob as well.

Finding that perfect foundation

The clue is in the name – once you get this right, everything else will have a much greater chance of falling into place. This is the one area where it might be wise to try a pick out a shade in person first off – go to your local department store and try out all the samples and if possible, ask one of the beauty experts available. Try and get the shade to match to your jaw line to avoid any mishaps and take into consideration what your specific skincare requirements are – if you want something with an active anti-aging ingredient in, for example, it might be worth spending more money.

A small change makes all the difference

Even if you’ve found your perfect look and right shade of foundation, you should always keep track of the latest trends. We’re not saying undertake a dramatic makeover that might backfire, but rather be open to subtle changes in your look. This will help keep your image fresh and will mean you won’t get bored too quickly. Maybe try out a new product that’s come on the market recently, or a similar shade but with a different brand.

Remember, choosing your makeup should be fun, not a chore. And there’s nothing more satisfying knowing you’ve got a great product at a great price.

Julian House