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How to Cure Dry Skin on Your Foot

There are many reasons why ones feet would end up dry and cracked. It may be due to the weather, excessive walking with bare feet or simply being overweight. However you managed to get it, the solutions are usually very straightforward. Here are some natural ingredients you can use to treat your poor feet if you’re dealing with cracked feet.

Jojoba and Coconut Oils

While there are many different types of oils that can be used as effective moisturizers, there are two that truly stand out. They are jojoba and coconut oil. They are both plant based oils that naturally mimic our own body’s natural body oils.

They are also relatively long lasting take quite some time to dry off, which makes these some of the most cost efficient oils you can purchase on the market. Additionally, they are an all-round moisturizer which is used not just for your skin but also as a treatment for dandruff.

Paraffin Wax

Paraffin wax is the most ideal type of wax for cracked feet. Its essentially a petroleum based mineral that has a huge range of applications in a variety of industries today. Its also an excellent emollient, which makes it ideal as a multipurpose moisturizer.

It protects the skin from harsh weather by coating the skin and thereby creating a mild form of waterproofing. This ensures your body oils are retained. It is also widely used in heat treatments as it retains heat very well. When melted paraffin wax is applied to the skin, the heat opens up the pores which enhances absorption.


Honey isn’t just a tasty, it has a wide range of beneficial properties that make it a worthwhile alternative to other moisturizers on the market. They are a natural antioxidant that is most popularly used for acne, skincare and the hair care industries.

Shea Butter

She butter is essentially fat that is processed from the Shea Tree. Specifically, it is extracted from the nut that the Shea tree produces. As such, it is a popular item in the cosmetics, hair care and skincare industry. Additionally, it is also edible and is used in some traditional African dishes. It has anti-inflammatory properties that make it a natural treatment for cuts, bites and burns.

Argan Oil

This oil is derived from the Argan tree that is only found in Morocco. The tree is perfectly suited to the harsh and dry environment that is typical of Morocco. The oil itself is extracted from the kernels that are produced by the Argan tree. Like Shea Butter, the oil is edible and is used in salads and other Moroccan dishes. As an emollient, it sees much use in the cosmetics and hair care industry. It is also chock full of vitamins and antioxidants which makes it an ideal ingredient in a wide variety of products on the market today.

Irina Chong