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How to Clean Your Make Up Kit

Make up can make a girl pretty. But a dirty make up kit can make a girl’s skin blemish under that make up. Thus, it is important to have one’s kit well cleaned. These kits are easily contaminated as the oil, dirt, and bacteria from the skin are often transferred onto the cosmetics and back. Thus, for those who want to maintain a good skin under all that make up, ensure that your kit is well cleaned before keeping it. Two of the things that can be cleaned easily are the make up cases and the brushes.

To clean your make up cases, empty the individual compartments that hold the make up, and then clean each of them. You can use isopropyl alcohol or a sanitizer to do this. Apply either products onto a clean cloth and scrub each compartment thoroughly. This should be done weekly so that dirt and bacteria does not accumulate.

Brushes should be cleaned even more frequently, especially if the make up will be used on different people’s faces. It is unhygienic to use make up used by others without cleaning them because the dirt and oil from one person’s face can be easily transferred to another’s. A dirty brush will also transfer bacteria to various parts of the kit easily. To clean brushes, pour or spray some brush cleaner onto a piece of tissue, and wipe the brush with it to remove excess cosmetic, dirt, and bacteria. To get the dirt and bacteria out of its roots, you can swish the brushes in a mixture of lukewarm water and brush cleanser. After that, rinse and squeeze it before laying it flat to dry.

One thing that you should always do before and after the cleaning process is to clean your hands. You do not want to bring in more bacteria from your hands into the make up kit, nor do you want to futilely clean the kit when you are simply putting more dirt and bacteria in

Dennis Moore Hopkins