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How to choose your best eyeliner?

The eyeliner is perfect for redesigning the look: it can give it more presence,and glamorous extending eye look.when using a bright color eyeshadow,it allows to  structure the frame and the make up. Depending on the thickness of the line or the shape of the colon, eye liner gives the look more or less intensity.

The choice of eyeliner: the choice of color is the first thing to do,the one you like, of course, but also one that suits you. Because if its black is deemed to go to everyone, there is a wide range of eyeliner colors, The plum example is well known for women with hazel eyes. blue and green eyes can opt for brown.

One should know that there are several types of eyeliner.but what is the best eyeliner type? The two most common are the brush and pen. You can also opt for the pencil.

The pencil : quieter than the other two, it allows you to draw a slower and has more fancy in color trait. The holding period is shorter than felt or brush and less regular application.

Felt: It is perfect for beginners. By cons, you should know that your line will be bigger with an eyeliner brush. The tip has a tendency to flatten the lid when you pull the line. Another plus: it traces at once, no need to reload!

The brush: the expert choose this type of makeup because its command proficiency but the result is really perfect. Remember to regularly put the product on the brush to even out your line.

Eyeliner can be quite complicated to apply and must be very careful about its presentation. To apply your eyeliner correctly first you need to test it; start with testing its on your hand.

The application of the eyeliner by type:

Gel pot:

we wet the tip of the brush in the gel. Head slightly tilted front of the mirror, the line you begin starting from the outer corner of the eye and goes to the center of the eyelid. Then made ??a second line from the inner corner of the eye and going to the center. We end by drawing a point, depending on the desired effect in the outer corner of the eye, making the line slightly up to the eyebrows.


We start from the inner corner of the eye outwards. It accentuates the line just before the middle of the eyelid and up to the end of the eye, tapering. It is a safe and fast enough gesture.

Pencil Eye:

We draw a line on the upper eyelid, as close as possible to the lash. The same is done on the lower eyelid, avoiding applying the pencil inside the edge of the eye. To prevent smudging during the day, it blurs the line with a brush. If our eyes tend to weep, opt for a water-resistant formula.