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How To Choose The Right Wig

Hairs are a very important feature of the human body. There are many people who are deprived of it, either due to natural hair loss or at times people lose hair because of some ailment. Hair loss at one hand is not a healthy sign and on the other hand it is a very depressive. People who suffer from it, feel miserable as it impacts their personal and social life.

When the hair is lost due to some disease or disorder it is termed as medical hair loss. Cancer patients generally undergo a chemotherapy which causes severe hair loss in patients. Another medical hair loss happens due to Alopecia. It is disorder which destroys the hair follicle. This results in permanent hair loss. Alopecia wigs are a boon for such people. It brings back the confidence and helps the person lead a normal life.

 Medical wigs have been a great and age old solution to such hair loss issue which may occur in men and women. People with sensitive scalp also face such problem, to which wigs are the substitute. Other than wigs hair piece and hair extension are also some of the unique solutions available.

Wigs, hair extension, hair piece and other accessories are available is a huge variety. Since wigs are to be worn and are expected to look just as your real hair, these should be soft and comfortable. Some cheap wigs are very itchy and can even damage the scalp. This happens because the base or the cap is not smooth.

Mainly there are two types of caps. One has a weft which is made by machine and another is made by hand. Generally the hand knotted ones are of light weight. The benefit of monofilament or the hand knotted wig top is that, it looks natural. Hair parting can also be done easily. A good wig is comfortable, soft and is of light weight.

Nowadays, synthetic wigs are also available. These are light in weight and give you a natural look. Synthetic wigs come in many varieties to choose from. These are made of soft fiber and are convenient to wear. Another advantage of synthetic wigs is that these are fairly priced and need very little maintenance. Durability however is a question with such wigs. You also cannot do any kind of styling as these cannot take heat or colour.

Human wigs are the right choice if you want to color or style the wig. Most of the human wigs either have a net foundation or a wafted foundation. The price of such wigs varies. If these are hand-made then, you will have to pay a higher price and if these are machine-made then, the price is pretty reasonable. The wigs are available in all sizes and length.

Whichever wig you choose to buy, maintenance of the wig is very important. Proper care of the wig will give it more life. Washing the wig carefully is very critical. Poor handling may cause damage to the wig.