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How To Choose The Best Prom Dress For Your Body Type

Like it or not, the prom night is just around the corner. It seems like the normal life at your school has been put on hold while everyone’s preparing for “the big night”. You may be one of those girls who can’t stop talking about their approaching prom for months ahead. Or, you’d rather just get over with it already.

One way or the other, one thing is for sure: you will need a prom dress!

But, how to decide which dress is best for you and your body type? Do you know what works for your body type and what to avoid? Do you even know your body type?

These are the questions you need to ponder on for some time to make sure you look good, and feel even better on your prom!

It all comes down to hiding those features you’re not comfortable with, and highlighting those you’re proud of. In other words: a prom dress must flatter you! If it does not, no matter how beautiful the dress is, you will have to look further.

If you’re petite, the best advice is to show off your natural body type! Don’t hide in long gowns that will overwhelm your small frame. Instead of getting lost in a billowy number, go for a simpler, shorter dress.

If your body shape is boyish, you will need a dress that can create an illusion of curves. A dress that cinches at the waist is ideal. A dress with different colored top and bottom can visually break up the torso and create a curvier shape. Padded bras are optional!

Do you have an hourglass shape? Congratulations, you can wear almost anything you want and still look great. The ideal dress will highlight your curves. Avoid an empire dress: why would you want to hide your enviable waist?

On the other hand, an empire dress is recommended for an apple body type. You will want to create interest in your bust area, and let the rest of the fabric flare out. Choose a fabric that falls nicely, without clinging to your problem areas. Forget about belts and bandage-style dresses. If you have nice legs, don’t be afraid to show them off in a shorter dress!

Pear body types will want to highlight the upper part of their body in order to create the balance with the heavier lower part. Chose a gown with a fitted bust and a flared or a-line skirt. It’s ideal if the top of your dress is accentuated with beads, crystals or lace, or with a decorative gathered fabric which will draw attention to your neck and shoulders.

Plus size? No problem: you can still wear whatever dress you want as long as it accentuates that part of your body which is your forte, and hide what you want to hide! However, don’t get lost in too much fabric. Don’t make the mistake of covering too much: pick a dress that moves with you.

Now you’re ready to dance the night away!

Anita Bern