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how to choose earrings

How to choose earrings

Earrings, from ancient times, as a crystal of art and fantasy, design is changing and beautiful. material include not only the eye-catching flame-like diamond, full of spirituality crystal, rounded mellow pearls, but also the simple timber, lightweight plastic. For those women who pursuit touching beauty creating a different type of beauty. on different occasions atmosphere,

1, Coordinating earrings and hairstyle

Women who have long hair, a pair of slim earrings will make her looks beautiful and easy to catch people’s eyes; for women with short hair, if earrings and hair are same in length, will damage the beauty. short hair better go with delicate earrings which can presents women’s lively and shrewd ; women with asymmetric hairstyles, could wearing a big earrings which can balancing your look.

2, Coordinating earrings and face

Women have a round face should not wear round earrings, which will make the face look too full. They better to wear appropriate long and pendulous earrings in square or triangle. Women with faces may use makeup to soften slightly rounder face, together with medium-sized fall style earrings, which would show the typical line beauty of your face. Person who have a long face can wear a large round earrings to adjust the face shape. A greater Face person should not wear round earrings. They could wear the earrings which can be a little larger, close to the ear, or can also be triangle shape, in order to reduce the face of the broad sense. For whose face is smaller, it is appropriate to wear a medium-sized earrings, length not more than two centimeters.

3, Earrings and body coordination

Women who are short wearing point-shaped small earrings will looks elegant, delicate and exquisite. If they wearing a pendant earrings, because of downward movement visually, their body will looks more short; tall and slim women wearing large earrings will looks much more beauty.

4, Coordination with skin color and earrings

The choice of Earrings’ color, also according to their skin color. People with darker complexion should not wear too bright and colorful earrings; while brighter skin are suitable for red, brown , purple, blue or dark earrings ; gold earrings are suitable for various complexion people to wear.