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How To Choose A Steak

A lot of people would agree that steaks are one of the most delicious meals out there. When people think of a reward food for instance, nothing beats the image of a big fat juicy steak grilled to perfection. While it may be very convenient to just order this from your favorite restaurant, the costs can be often high. These Omaha meats can actually be cooked on your own. You can prepare your own piece of steak even at home. There are many cuts of meat however and their quality are not all the same. You should then learn then the basics of how to choose a good steak.

First thing to remember is to know the various terms. You should be familiar of the different cuts. The most prized of the cuts are those from the most tender part of the animal. The filet mignon or the fillet steak is the most expensive cut and has the most tender and finest texture. T-bone steak or porterhouse steak is also popular because of its combination of flesh and fat. Sirloin cut is a thin cut that is also tender. The less tender parts include the skirt and New York cuts, but they are great for other recipes like slow cooking and barbecue.

You should also be familiar with the USDA grading. The steak can be prime, choice, or select. The prime cuts are those that are of restaurant quality. They are the most tender, but they are rare to find since most of them are already ordered by restaurants. You can find choice and select in supermarkets. Choice would be the ideal option if you want to have good quality steak.

Check out the marbling. The amount of marbling depends on your preferences. It would be nice however to choose one with abundant marbling.

You should also know where the meat comes from. In beef for instance, some steaks come from certified Black Angus cows. You should always check if they are really authentic.

Ask about the aging too. Never buy steaks that were not yet aged. Aging should be done at least for two weeks. If not, the meat would not be that tender and flavorful.

Always get your Omaha meats from a trusted and known butcher. Develop a good relationship with the butcher. They can help you find the best steaks for you.

It would be helpful to try these tips. You can then easily find the best cut of steak for you. Having a nice piece of steak can then be done even without spending too much.

Diana Spencer