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How to Choose a Prom Dress to Suit Your Body Shape

Prom is an important event when every girl wants to look her best. When choosing the perfect prom dress, girls should consider their body type in order to make an intelligent decision.

For teenage girls there is nothing more exciting than attending the prom. Every girl dreams of wearing a perfect dress to a prom party to show off her fashion sense. If you are looking for a stylish dress for a prom party, you should first figure out what type of dresses complement your body.

Some of the most common body types are the Hourglass, Pear shape, Apple shape and Inverted Triangle. Once you find out your exact body type, then you will be able to pick the perfect prom dress that will accentuate the curves and create an attractive silhouette.

You have to look your best at the prom, so that all the eyes are on you during the party. Here are some important tips that can help girls find the most suitable dresses for the prom season.

Hourglass shaped body:

Hourglass women have proportionate chest size and hips. They are naturally curvy and look amazing in most of the styles. If you have a curvaceous hourglass shaped body, you can wear almost anything that complements your body. Since the prom is a very special occasion and you want to turn heads with your sense of style, you should pick a dress that emphasizes your slender waistline and ample curves. Do not pick the A-line dresses, as they do not flaunt your curves enough. Pick a long gown with a stylish side slit. You can also wear a dress with a funky belt and deep neckline.

Apple shaped body:

The Apple shaped girls have heavy bosoms and wide shoulders. They are generally prone to getting fatter around the abdomen. Do not wear too tight dresses. Choose a dress for your prom that is classic and vintage. Buy A-line simple dress with interesting sleeves. Full sleeves look especially good on apple shaped girls. The main idea is to balance your top portion with that of your bottom. Wear prom dresses with a plunging scoop or deep V neckline and look smashing. Explore for a great range

Pear shaped body:

their body than the top. To make your body look more proportionate, you have to choose a prom dress that features sequined detailing on the bodice. Long chiffon gowns are the best choice for you because it flows and hides your plump behind nicely. Do not choose the short and tight bandage dresses for your prom because too much exposure will only make you look desperate instead of elegant. Choose well and rock the night. Visit this site for various styles in prom dresses.

Rectangle shaped body:

If you have an athletic figure, then you are very lucky. Unlike most girls, you will not have to starve yourself for looking good in your prom dress. You have a slender body and gentle curves. The perfect prom dresses for rectangle shaped women should nicely highlight their curves. Buy a dress in softer hues like lavender, pink or light coral. The dress should have a narrow or gathered waistline to emphasise your shapely waist and a deep neckline to show off your cleavage. Opt for sleeveless gowns to make your arms seem more attractive.

Shirly Lee