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How to Apply Natural Looking Make Up

Follow these 5 simple steps to apply makeup that looks natural and works great for the day time.

The purpose of natural looking make up is to essentially enhance your features. A simple 5 step process is all it will take to achieve a quick, clean and natural look that that you can do every day when you are going to college or to your job and so forth.

1. The key to applying makeup that will look natural on you is to use colors that are suited ideally to your skin tone so that they work to make your skin tone even instead of changing it in uneven patches. How much you use and where on your face depends on your personal preferences and unique sense of style.

2. A good trick to achieve the natural look is to apply a concealer that has a yellow tone to it. This will be effective in hiding imperfections like blemishes or light freckles without adding color to your skin, giving it a natural and clean appearance.

3. Choosing the right foundation for your specific skin tone is very important if you want to achieve the natural look with makeup. If a foundation is right for you, when you apply it will seem to simple disappear on your skin leaving it looking smooth, clean and even. For instance if you have darker skin, you should opt for foundations that have light, medium and dark shades to it to allow for graded variations in skin tone in different parts of your face.

4. Another important thing to remember while applying natural looking makeup is that you need to keep the eye makeup light. It is a good idea to use more earthy and neutral tones such as gold, plum, brown or beige for eye shadows and charcoal gray or brown for mascara and eye liner.

5. Have you ever noticed the pink tinge in your cheeks after you have gone through an intense workout? That pink shade is just the right shade of blush that you need to buy and apply to achieve the natural look.

Keith B Carrey