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How to Apply Nail Art Gems

Our hands are one of the busiest parts of our bodies. That is why to pamper it, we give it some treats by relaxing and beautifying it. One way is to do some nail art. It gives beauty to the hands, not just by adding colors but also putting some accents and art. For now, I will be discussing to you how to put a nail art with gems. It could be quite difficult but I will help you to make it easier.

So before we proceed with the nail art thing, here are some things we need to remember.

You may buy gems from a nail art section in your department stores (if you have one) or you may go to a textile section. Choose small gems that will fit on your nails and that it can give more space for more gems on one nail. It allows you to be more creative on the design of the nails.

This nail art thing requires lengthy time since it requires many layers for the coating and your favorite colors. Make sure you are not in haste so that you will not be pressured and you will be given more time to explore your creativity.

Now, let us start with the polishing the nails and be creative.

1. Begin the nail art by trimming and filing your nails with your desired length and shape.

2. Apply your nails with the base coat. Avoid coating your nails so much. To do this, slide one side of your brush at the brim of the nail polish bottle. Then do it on the other side. This will eliminate the excess paint. Now, brush it to the center of your nails. Then, on each side, with the same stroke.

3. Top the base coat with a colored nail polish of your desire. You may also opt to add two colors to top it. Before putting this, make sure that the base coat has already dried.

4. This is the time to add your gems. While the most top layer of your nails is still damp, put your gems (or any other decorations you like) on it so that it will stick. Gently press it so that it will not mess up the stroke. If the polish has dried before you had put the gems, you may apply the clear polish and use it as a glue so that you can continue adding the gems.

5. Once you are done with putting the gems, finish it by topping it with the base coat or clear polish.

Kim Chariz Levita