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How To Accessorize A Sweater

Sweaters are the comfort item of the fashion industry. Cozy and comfortable, designer label or handmade with love, they never go out of style. They are simple pieces of clothing, and can be dressed up or worn casually. Tightly woven or loosely threaded, cardigan or cable knit, sweaters can be worn almost the whole year-round. Whether you wear them at work, home, or running errands, a sweater is a perfect go-to at times when you are running late or days you just feel like being comfortable.

The wonderful thing about these cozy pieces of clothing is that they can transition from daytime to nighttime by changing up the accessories. They are very versatile pieces of clothing and can be layered over a tucked out button down shirt, paired with a mini skirt, or even be worn long like a dress. Here are a few items you may already have that can turn grandma’s Christmas gift into a haute couture item!

Sweaters for the most part do not have a defined line and do not usually fit close to the body. Use a belt to accentuate your waist and wear your sweater over leggings for a trendy and flattering look! This will not just give you a new look but will give that top you have worn so many times before a new life.

Add a chiffon scarf to bring color and personality to your sweater. Metallic fabrics are a nice contrast to these comfortable knitted tops. Make sure you exercise contrast. If your top is of a thinner material, a thicker pashmina scarf is a good choice. Heavier knits can look sweet with a chiffon scarf worn as a necklace.

Choose a hat in a funky color to make it pop. A newsboy cap is a casual choice, or you can dress up in a fedora!

For additional sparkle, roll up your sleeves and stack bangles on both wrists. Add a chunky necklace to liven up the knit! Or skip it all and just stick to a pair of statement earrings! The key is to not go overboard. Pair with some black slacks and heels and you are ready for a night out!

These knitted tops are an unbelievable asset to a woman’s wardrobe. They are a nice alternative to jackets, and are so much more comfortable, too. Whether dressed up or down, a sweater is absolutely a statement piece all on its own.

Crystal G.