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How does liposuction works?

Most people know that liposuction surgery involves removing excess fat from certain parts of the body to create a more streamlined figure. But how exactly does it work?

There is a plastic surgery called liposuction that provides remarkable results in contouring and sculpting your body. It requires a cosmetic surgeon who will literally change the shape of your abdomen, thighs, hips, and mid section with the procedure. It isn’t a weight loss surgery per se, although you can lose up to about 10 pounds of fat. This fat accumulates in hard to lose parts of the body in the aforementioned areas. As we get older these fat deposits start accumulating. Diet and exercise will work in reducing weight in the rest of our body, but rarely do they work on these “hard to lose” areas. This is a natural process of aging that affects numerous people.

That is one reason why liposuction in Houston is so popular. It is one of the most utilized cosmetic procedures around the world today. The procedure is beneficial on so many levels. For one thing, fat deposits in those areas are unhealthy, especially around the mid section. They can cause all kinds of serious health issues from diabetes to cardiac disease. So getting rid of that fat is essential to prolonged good health. Another reason is that we are striving in greater numbers, with greater efforts, to live a healthy lifestyle and stay fit and trims. Having fat in parts of our body that is unappealing, and that stubbornly resists conventional weight loss methods, defeats the purpose. With lipo, your doctor can rid your figure of that fat and give you the shape that you desire.

In the course of the liposuction procedure, you might be treated with either a general or local anesthetic. The particular type of lipo method preferred by your plastic surgeon determines this. The doctor will make a tiny incision in the skin of the target area and insert a thin tube called a cannula under the skin. Fat is broken up and suctioned out by means of this tube, which functions just like a vacuum. Liposuction works extremely well on many places around your body where “hard to lose” fat accumulates, including the stomach, hips, thighs, back, arms, and neck.

It takes about 45 minutes to complete a section. Recovery time will depend on the complexity of the procedure. It could be as fast as a day, or as long as two weeks. There is typically little discomfort involved, and most people return to their routine activities very quickly, if not immediately. Liposuction is a permanent solution. Once you have the fat removed it does not come back.

Gregore Chandler