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How Clean Is That Hotel Room?

Hotel Room Cleanliness

Over the years and as our world population continues to soar, it seems that more and more people are contracting some sort of illness when traveling. We have all certainly heard of the dreaded Norwalk virus that seems to appear more often on Cruise Ships and Seniors Care Homes, but there are many other viruses continually surfacing and making people sick while on holidays.

Let’s have a quick look at a few simple tips on how to keep you and your family as healthy as possible on holidays when checking into a typical Hotel or Motel Room.


The first thing one should always avoid is lying on those Hotel Room bedspreads! Bedspreads are not something routinely cleaned after each and every visit and because of this they are filled with bacteria and germs that can make you ill. Today, thankfully, most reputable hotel and motel establishments are doing away with the old style bedspread and replacing them with a cover sheet and spread that can be easily washed with the sheets. If you should encounter a permanent bedspread in your hotel or motel room, quickly remove it from the bed to prevent germs from spreading.


Another very serious germ and bacteria carrier! If you have real glass drinking glasses in your room, either do not attempt to use before cleaning thoroughly under very hot water for several minutes and then wipe dry before use. Again, you should find in most rooms today, either paper cups individually sealed and wrapped or glasses that ensure that they have been cleaned and wrapped accordingly.

Television Remote Controls

Yes, these handy little gadgets are covered with germs just waiting to make contact with you! Unless they are wiped after each visit, which is highly unlikely, hundreds if not thousands of people have come into contact with this item. If you must use the remote, be sure to wash your hands thoroughly before eating or touching your eyes or mouth area. This goes for doorknobs, phones and any other place in the room that people do come into contact and touch regularly. Surprisingly, these items mostly used by guests are most often neglected to be cleaned by staff.

Today, it is always recommended to carry a small pack of bacterial handi-wipes and hand sanitizer in your travel luggage to help prevent you and your family members from contracting any preventable illnesses.

This does not mean we should all be paranoid about travel or frequenting any well used public establishments, it is just a reminder to take a few extra precautions when traveling, to prevent any unwanted illnesses from occurring unnecessarily for continued healthy family travel for years to come.

Robert Tellier