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Home Made Beauty Tips For Oily Skin Types

Oily skin-these skin types getting so many problems like pimples, dark spots and patches etc…Due to these problems their face can’t look good. For reducing of these problems folks are using so many creams, tonics and medicated creams but none of them worked properly and not give good results permanently. At that time folks lost their self-confidence and feel stress for their problems and sometimes people are not went outside and not participated any events, parties and functions, they feel insure also for these reason.

So, I would like to share some simple homemade remedies to oily skin types, for using these homemade remedies your skin will get good look and fairer also. Compare to allopathic medicine(English medicine),creams, ointments homemade remedies will work more effectively and give good results permanently.

Everyone like he/she wants to look good, handsome, glamorous, fairer and beautiful. So, using/following some simple homemade remedies for shiny skin/oily skin types, can help look beautiful, fairer and dazzling. Some of the tips are:

1-Daily wash your face with cold water maximum 7-9 times. Buy a natural ingredients facial cleanser for oily skin type. Buy only organic products.

2-When ever wash your face use salty water for face washing, take little bit of salt and add to the water mix it well till salt was disappear. Using salt water it absorbs excess oil in your face.

3-Once wash your face take a smooth soft cloth and clean it smoothly. Do not rub your face harshly. If you have pimples in our face, you will get scratches on your face so as gentle as possible to your skin.

4-Buy a natural and organic toner. Frequently you should take CTM treatment in your home only. If you have you should do daily CTM treatment. For this you will get good results.

  • C-means Cleansing, neatly clean your face using cleansing milk.
  • T-means toner, after clean the face with cleansing milk you should apply toner on your face, this will extremely cleans your skin and pores. It will reduce the pore size also. It will remove the bad impurities from your skin and also reduces the pimples occurrence.
  • M-means moisturizer, buy natural and organic oily skin type moisturize and apply on your face after toning.

5-Here, simple homemade remedy for you,

  • Take half piece of cucumber and squeeze a juice from it.
  • Then add required amount of honey to that. Then apply this solution on your face and  keep it for dry,
  • Then wash your face with cold water. For doing this you will get instant fair skin and  smooth skin.
 6-Here, simple homemade face wash for you,
  • Take half piece of papaya and mash it become a paste.
  • Then add 2-4 table spoons of honey and add 2-4 table spoons of milk to it.
  • Blend them very well. Then apply this mixture on your face and keep it for 20-30 minutes, then wash your face with cold water and clean your face with cotton/smooth cloth.

If you have a time daily you can do this tip, you will get good results for using this. You will get smooth and beautiful skin.

7-Egg mask will help for fairness skin, take an egg yolk, apply egg white on your face keep it for dry. Then wash your face with lukewarm water you will get soft and fair skin. Twice a week apply this mask on your face.

8-You should apply homemade scrubs on your face twice a week for removing dead skin cells.

here, some simple homemade remedy for scrub

Take 2-3 table spoons of Honey and add it 1 spoon of Sugar granules mix it well, apply on your face and scrub it gently with circular motions for 10-15 minutes.

Then keep it for 5 minutes after rinse with cold water on your face.

For doing this you will get instant smooth skin and glowing skin. It will reduce the dead skin cell from your face.

9-Raw Milk is very useful for all skin types. Taka required amount of raw milk and add it 3-6 drops of Lemon juice.

Then apply this mixture on your face and massage it with circular motions for 15-20 minutes then leave it 5-10 minutes.

Then wash your face with cold water. You will get soft and shiny skin. It will remove bad impurities for your face. You can apply this mixture on your neck and also hands. It will reduce blackness and tan on your skin.

10-Another simple homemade mask for all skin types,

  • Take required amount of Gram flour(Besan),add little amount of Saffron, add pinch of Turmeric powder and add sufficient amount of Milk. Blend all ingredients well till become a paste.

Then apply this paste on your face and neck, leave it for 15-20 minutes or until it will become dry. Then wash your face with cold water.

You will get instant change on your face.

For better results you will do homemade remedies only because it will give permanent results without any health causes. You will get results slowly but it will stay permanent. Slowly wins the Race like that…..