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Herpes Treatments – What is the Best Treatment to Get Rid of and Control Outbreaks?

What is Herpes and is there an effective herpes treatment?

Herpes is a virus with two different types or “simplexes”. There is an effective herpes treament available!The first simplex is called HSV1 and is the most common. This simplex attacks the oral region, and is most commonly known as a cold sore or oral herpes. Most people do not realize that there is a herpes treatment for this herpes simplex. The second simplex is called HSV2, this simplex attacks the genital tract. A Herpes Treatment for outbreaks is possible, this includes a herpes treatment for both genital and oral herpes (HSV1 and HSV2). Controlling future outbreaks is also possible with an effective herpes treatment.

What does herpes look like?

Herpes is a virus which breaks out from time to time. An outbreak is most commonly brought on by stress. An outbreak generally consists of blisters, lesions, and an irritation rash. Outbreaks can occur around the lips, inside the mouth, on the tongue, and of course in the genital region. It is possible to control a future herpes outbreak with an effective herpes treatment.

How can I treat herpes and what is the best herpes treatment?

Treating herpes can be very easy. I have found an effective herpes treatment which is topically applied. The great thing about this treatment is that is completely natural, and effective in eliminating outbreaks and symptoms, as well as preventing future outbreaks from occurring.

Healing Natural Oils offers an effective treatment for herpes with two different products that are currently available.

The H-Away product is topically applied directly to the outbreak, and gets rid of a herpes simplex outbreak within several days. The H-Prevention product is also topically applied, and works on controlling future outbreaks.

Unlike drugs, this completely natural herpes treatment consists of pure essential oil formulas, and are directly applied to the condition. By directly applying these treatments for herpes to the affected area, it bypasses the internal organs, and works directly to combat the condition at the source. These oils work with one’s immune system to eliminate outbreaks and to stop future outbreaks. These treatments are effective on cold sores as well as on genital herpes.

David Logan