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Herbs to Lower Blood Pressure

Did you know that certain herbs can lower your blood pressure? It’s true! By using these herbs you can find some great long lasting results that can help you maintain, or achieve a healthy lifestyle. The key though is to use the right herbs, so let’s go over some of the best types of herbs that lower blood pressure.

But first, a brief history –

According to legend and story, the use of herbs in order to lower blood pressure has been around since 203 B.C.! Supposedly they were first used by a famous physician who was named Hua Tuo. The herbs that he used were made famous when he used them to carry out surgery on General Guan Yu, without using any anesthetic, General Guan was able to endure surgery while using these herbs, according to legend he did all of this while playing a game of chess! While I wouldn’t recommend anyone to enter open heart surgery while relying on these herbs, the use and healing properties of these herbs can be traced throughout history.

What leaf is this? –

The anti-hypertension Tea-leaf flower is the flower that you should look to if you’re looking at lowering your blood pressure. Hypertension herbal treatment has been studied in many different scientific environments. While most other medicines seem to decrease in effectiveness over prolonged use, anti-hypertension Tea-leaf flowers have been shown to increase in effectiveness over time! That means that they are not only safe, but a great long term solution to an extremely difficult problem that many people face.

Amazing properties of Tea-leaf flowers –

1. Anti-hypertension Tea-leaf flowers grow in trees, and are plucked in July. The leaves that are closer to the top of the tree have been shown to contain more chemicals that can assist people in lowering their blood pressure. Therefore the best leaves are the ones that are picked higher up on the tree.

2. The village that was known in China for its anti-hypertension tea-leaf flowers is commonly known as “longevity village”. In other words, the people who lived in this village were well known for their health. This is probably due to the amounts of tea-leaf flowers that they consumed.

3. In the book “The Chinese Clinical Handbook for New Ways of Using Common Medicines” it was shown that drinking this tea was extremely effective. It showed that the effectiveness rate of the tea reached 93.3% during a 6 month period of study on various people consuming the tea. The scientific background behind this tea is great, and goes to show the effectiveness of these herbs. This goes to show that it is possible to begin lowering blood pressure with herbs.

If you’re looking to lower your blood pressure, you may want to check these herbs out. This is exactly what you need, especially if you are looking at getting healthier in the future. The evidence is all available and the studies are all done. So what are you waiting for? You shouldn’t play around with your health, these herbs have been shown to be effective for thousands of years, go with what works and use these herbs, lower blood pressure can really lead to a much more enjoyable life.

Fumin Tang