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Helpful Tips on Applying Makeup for Everyday Use – How to Put on Makeup Professionally

When I come across people who don’t wear makeup, it’s nice to know they look great without it, but when they don’t, it makes me want to suggest some tips. No one ever said you have to walk out of the house fully made up, resembling a model when you step out. Day makeup and night makeup, are two different types of makeup to make you look good for a straight 12 hours. Here you’ll find tips on how to put on makeup, including ways on how to put on makeup like a model.

How to Put on Makeup Professionally

The first thing that you need to incorporate in your daily makeup routine, is skin care. Without it, you’re just going to be putting on makeup that reacts to the skin problems that you have. So if you have oily, dry, acne prone skin, you need to first repair the damage, before experimenting with makeup. It only intensifies the problem if certain chemicals react to your skin over time, or cause an allergic reaction. Find out which facial creams best suit your skin type, and take care of it and go easy on makeup application until the condition shows signs of improving. There are ways to find out if rouges, foundations, concealers and so on, match your skin type. That way you know you can count on using something that won’t backfire when applied. Stick to minimum makeup till then. Stepping out with sunscreen and just eyeliner, can turn your whole look around. Waterproof makeup works best, to avoid it from running down your face, when the weather is humid, or when you get sweaty.

Foundation / Concealer
It is of utmost importance to make sure you carry foundation / concealer, or apply a trusted foundation / concealer brand before leaving your home. It can hide scars, pimples and wrinkles that you’d prefer no one to see. It is also great if you just want to put on eyeliner and lipstick / gloss, without having to apply rouge or eyeshadow. It livens up your face, making it look more fresh in the day. Pour a little of the makeup foundation into the palm of your hand. With your finger, dab little dots across your cheekbone area, forehead temples and one on your chin. Rub it into your skin around those particular areas and make sure your face isn’t patchy with the product, but spread out evenly. Concealer also works as a technique to hide one’s skin flaws. Get one especially if you have dark circles; liquid foundation makeup shouldn’t be applied under one’s eyes. For those of you using foundation in powdered form, look into powder foundation tips for application pointers.

Depending on your skin tone, you can experiment with different shades. Ideally those with dark skin tones should experiment with bright colors or pastel shades. When putting eyeshadow makeup, select one or two colors (optional), to give it that highlighted depth. If you choose say, purple plum as your base color, pick mauve for highlighting. Use the brush, and apply eyeshadow starting from the inner corners of your eyelid and work your way to end. Then lightly let the brush taper, following the trail of your lash end, to dust off excess at the corners. Do not let it taper thickly, but in a thin sweep. After you’ve covered your entire eyelid, that is, where your eyeball bulge is, move on to the area below your eyebrow, that arches. Apply a light layer of the base color, and then start highlighting it with the second, by placing it in the narrow crease between your eyeball curve and upper flat area, and even the ‘v’ section in the corner of your eye. Let this taper as well, giving it a two part shading, making it pop with that depth using two colors. Without highlighting, you can just apply one shade in both areas, and then put on your liquid eyeliner just above your lashes. Keep it thick if it suits the size of eyes (big to medium), and thin for those with small eyes.

Charcoal / Pencil / Liquid Eyeliner
Applying liquid eyeliner is tricky, considering that it needs time to dry. So when you apply eyeliner, you can start from the bottom eyelash area and then do the top. I do it in reverse, out of habit, but you can do it in any way you please. When applying eyeliner, make sure it’s of good quality, and is importantly water resistant and quick dry. When applying eyeliner to your bottom eye lash area, place your finger on the other end and gently press down in the other direction to make it straight. Apply the eyeliner, dabbing away with your finger, at liquid on your eyelash. After you’re done, gently raise that portion in a semi winch, and hold it until it dries. When applying it at the top, do the same thing, after you’ve closed your eyes. Don’t raise your eyes up when you’re done, but look down till it dries, so it won’t hit the upper portion of your eye and smudge. The same is done with a pencil eyeliner, although I recommend to use it on the bottom, rather than the top, unless of course it is of good quality and a waterproof eyeliner.

Applying mascara is simple, if you know how to put it on with these useful mascara tips. Keep a spare mascara brush on hand from an old tube, since it comes handy when applying mascara. When you apply the first coat, use the spare brush and run it through your eyelashes to avoid clumping. This also ensures you’ve evenly put on mascara. Apply a second coat, and do the same again with the spare brush. Repeat this step with your lower lashes and avoid batting your eyelids, until it has dried. Ideally smudge proof mascara works best.

Blush / Rouge
Before applying blush, smile your widest grin and in circular motion put blush / rouge on the apples of your cheeks. Then relax your face, and lightly dust it toward your cheekbones. This is an important beauty product to add to your collection; it adds color to pale toned skins, also instantly making your features stand out.

Position your mouth in a kissing position, with your mouth stretched forward in an ‘O’. In the hollows of cheeks, apply the bronzer, lightly tracing the outline of your cheekbones. Relax your face, and watch the bronzer automatically bring forth a cheekbones look to those who have chubby cheeks.