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Hair Styling Tips and Tricks for Women With Thin Hair

Most women with thin hair often regard themselves as being cursed which to some extent may be true especially if there wasn’t any improvement despite trying every commercially available product. However, many hair stylists agree that even thin hair can be made to look thick provided that the right steps are taken.

The most basic of these steps should be to ensure that your hair is never tangled. When you just have an inch thick pony tail tangled hair means that you’re going to lose a lot of hair when it breaks during the untangling process. The obvious solution to this is to use conditioner. But with conditioner you will feel as if your hair has been weighted down which cancels the overall bounce. This is why most experts recommend that people with thin hair should detangle and brush before showering. This reduces the breakage significantly.

Getting a hair style that gives it body and volume

The most beneficial hair styling trick which will give your hair the illusion of looking thicker is to get it cut in layers. Layers make your hair look thicker and fuller. However, if you have long hair you shouldn’t want to get it cut too short, probably keep it medium length. Also once your hair has been cut in layers you can enhance its thick appearance by using a round brush and blow drying.

Other useful hair styling tricks

In addition to the cut there are a few other tips which should help your hair look thicker. These are all something you can do yourself:

Always use dry shampoo: The problem with thin hair is that it gets oily pretty quickly because there isn’t enough hair to stop the oil. Constantly having to wash and then blow dry your hair will cause breakage. So, in order to maintain some body in your hair use dry shampoo. Dry shampoo makes your hair smell great and it looks clean because the powder left after you’ve used it gives it a fuller look plus it absorbs the oil. However, you shouldn’t just spray the shampoo on your scalp but rather put some on your fingers and evenly distribute it around the scalp. You don’t want to use too much as it will give your hair a greyish look.

Boost your hair’s roots: The easiest way to give your roots a boost is to dry your hair inverted. That said you’ll need to comb your hair very thoroughly with a teasing comb i.e. one that has three broad rows of teeth. This will end up making your hair look thicker. Many Hollywood celebrities use this technique to make their hair look bigger and thicker.

If you need your hair to look ticker for a long period of time then substitute gel for some lemon juice. Just apply a bit of lemon juice to the roots of your hair and then blow dry. The lemon juice does not become sticky and will not cause dripping unlike moose and gel. It does a great job of stiffening the base of your hair so that it continues to look the same.

Josef Alex