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Hair Loss: The Problems, and a New Approach to Treatment

Hair loss is depressing, traumatic and embarrassing – I know because I’ve been there.

If I had known when I started losing my hair, everything it’s taken me over thirty years to discover, I’m confident that today I would have a thicker head of hair. Scalp problems can be equally unpleasant, and due to advertising pressure dandruff has become even more socially unacceptable than hair loss.

Hair Loss (Alopecia) is a condition that can cause widening patches of baldness, and which is sometimes only temporary. It is generally accepted that Alopecia is an autoimmune disease.

The Causes of Hair Loss

Many factors including illness, pregnancy, trauma, thyroid problems, diabetes, anaemia, crash dieting, and the use of steroids and chemotherapy can cause hair loss.

The stress of modern living, the limits of time and money, all seem to be against us.

Stress is one of the main contributory factors in hair loss and scalp problems and the pace of our everyday lives appears to force us towards a diet which increasingly relies on junk food.

Our hectic schedules seem to leave us too tired to take proper exercise, and fashion dictates how we treat what should be one of our most treasured possessions: our hair

When the problems start, we look for miracles where there are none, and seek instant help from people who are more interested about what’s in our bank accounts than what’s under our hats.

The ‘Miracle Cure’

Over the years many so-called miracle cures have entered the scene giving brief hope, but unfortunately very little long-term help. Even with the comparatively recent discovery of the topical scalp lotions, Minoxidil and Propecia, the fact remains that few people have gained any lasting benefit even though some have been willing to spend large sums of money over extended periods of time.

A New, Natural Approach

There has long been a need for a new approach to hair and scalp problems that will give hope to all sufferers and that won’t put too great a strain on their pockets. I firmly believe there is realistic hope for those who suffer from hair loss and other allied conditions, and I have spent many years researching these problems.

After visiting the University Clinic Hospital in Wurzburg, and watching the clinic’s use of natural products in the treatment of skin complaints, my conviction grew that natural remedies were the answer to many hair and scalp problems.

Although time is a key factor, positive, natural scalp care will help the hair to re-grow and return to normal more quickly.

A healthy scalp is directly linked to a healthy body. Because our hair is a bi-product of blood, it is logical that to allow the natural keratinisation (the conversion of blood to hair) to take place, the composition of the blood along with the blood flow need to be in their correct values.

A Healthy Diet

What sort of food should we be eating to not only keep ourselves alive, but keep ourselves healthy? You know how it is – we’re in a hurry – no time to prepare a proper meal. Just grab and go, as the saying goes.

The basic guidelines for a good diet are to eat plenty of fresh vegetables and fruit. Not only that, but eating more raw fruit and vegetables as part of your healthy diet is essential. Make sure you are getting all the vitamins and minerals you need, and try to avoid junk food, sugar and fat, as much as possible.

If the diet improves and the results of stress on the body is reduced, then by traumatising the scalp in a natural way, i.e. with lots of alternate hot and cold water massages, then the natural body’s defence mechanism eventually takes over, and hair is produced.

Remember, hair is formed as a protection for the scull, and it is not natural for a person to be suffering from an abnormal loss of hair. Because hair is a barometer of everything that goes on in the body, then as soon as the cause of the Alopecia is addressed, then re-growth eventually occurs.

David Satchell is a Consultant Trichologist, and his company Eucaderm Ltd, was formed by David himself over 30 years ago. After a professional career as a top hair stylist with Vidal Sassoon, David and his team began ground breaking research into what causes many of the hair and scalp problems people are experiencing as a result of today’s hectic lifestyles. David has now formulated a completely new way of looking at hair care, and has had over 70% success rate in curing alopecia.

David Satchell