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Hair Fall Treatment

Hair loss problem before time has become very common problem these day. Not only elders but youngsters are also facing this problem. While genetic factors play important role in hair loss, there are several other factors which have direct impact on hair.  These factors include hormonal imbalance, hypo active thyroid gland and nutritional deficiencies. However a little extra care can prevent half of our hair loss problem.

Here are some simple day to day hair loss prevention tips that are very effective on hair loss:

Handle your hair with care: Use combs or hair brush that are soft and have enough space between the blades.Be gentle whenever brush your hair and avoid harsh brushing of your locks because it will loosen the grip of follicle hair and results in hair loss.

Have balance diet: A balanced and protein rich diet is must for the healthy hairs.Include raisins also as it add flexibility to hair and help them in growing.

Drink plenty of water regularly: Have at least 8 glass of water daily.Water not only helps the nutrient to reach the hairs but also stabilised the temperature of the head to the normal level.

Tie your hair loosely: Never tie your tresses tightly,as it put a pressure on the hair and weaken the hair follicles and results in hair fall.

Add fruits and vegetable to your eating Plan: Fruits and vegetables are the great source of minerals and Proteins.Fruits are great source of vitamins like zinc,iron,vitamin and calcium which are essential for the growth of the hairs.

Clean your hairs regularly: Wash your hair at least twice a week.Regular cleaning not only washes out dust and dirt particle but also reduce the effect of pollution on the hair.Don’t wash your hair daily as it loosen the grip of hair . Regular Oiling:Regular oiling is must for the health and shiny hairs.It supplements essential nutrients to the locks and strength the hairs,however avoid daily oiling as it block hair pores.
Use Herbal products: Harsh chemical can make your hairs dull and feeble.Better make shift to the herbal based products,Herbal products are not only safe for the but also prevent harsh effect of chemicals on the hair.Chemical based shampoo and conditioner make your hair dry and thus tended them to break.
Protect your hair from the UV rays of sun: UV rays not only affect your skin but your hairs too.So whenever going out,wear scarf or cap.Open exposure to sun makes your hairs deprived of the moisture and dries it out.Use good quality conditioner .
Avoid chemical coloring agent: IF you wants to color your hairs so rather than going for the chemical based coloring agent use herbal based coloring product like henna.Apply henna on your hair at least once in the 15.

Keep watch on dandruff:Dandruff is the one of main reason of the hair fall.You can use any herbal based anti-dandruff shampoo to prevent hair loss.Henna is also very effective in  combating dandruff.Addition of little curd and egg to the henna are also very effective to combat dandruff.