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“Gracefully Aging”, “How to Age Gracefully”

Let’s address water first. Our bodies are two thirds water, what that means is you must hydrate yourself each and every day. That is pure water, a good rule of thumb is half your body weight in ounces or someone who weighs 200 lbs. needs a minimum of 100 ounces every day. This will not only help the skin but more importantly the fluid in your body can flow much easier and will help your organs be able to perform much better. Understand most of us are dehydrated and don’t even know it. We drink coffee, soft drinks, energy drinks which do not count as water but do the opposite, they dehydrate.

One more key component is using a very good cream, serum to feed the skin from the outside. It is very important that these products used are good, pure products. The main reason is whatever contacts your skin is in your liver in 7 minutes. So do your research on what you use.

Nutrition, it is the second greatest factor to “Aging Gracefully on Purpose”. You see, as we grow older our bodies do not do as good of a job processing the nutrients and minerals out of the foods we eat. The foods do not have the nutrients they once did. So, we need two major components, lots of very good pure protein as well as minerals. This will slow down the rate of aging process; some refer to it as eating clean.

 Get 7-8 hours of sleep every night this gives the body time to use the fuel you gave it during the day. The body will repair itself with the right tools, nutrition, hydration, sleep and exercise. Remembering the key to “Aging Gracefully on Purpose” is to form better habits. Here are some very important actions to take to make most of the future. Have a glass of water when you get up, since you have not hydrated the body in 8 hours. Then start with stretching, this is great anytime especially first thing in the morning to get the body limber. Another great exercise is walking, it does not have to be speed walking just movement, it is very good for you and essential.

Another important key to “Aging Gracefully on Purpose”. Understanding your body, we can still do many things, maybe just a little slower but it is all good. Don’t be in a hurry, accept the fact that age is only a number. Have a positive attitude and outlook on life. Read a good motivational book, get involved in the community, set goals, make more friends and share your wisdom. My favorite is enjoy your food. Don’t settle for junk, but rather make it good and special. Slow down and smell the roses, and smile.

Kevin Fry