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Get Brighter and shinier teeth…

Tooth bleaching in the dentist‘s is the quickest way and highly effective means to achieve glistening white and bright teeth. In the dental clinic, the doctor puts the bleaching agent under his supervision to give quick results and completely satisfactory results.

Do not be unhappy about the colour of the teeth or think about this dark discolouration will go away. The answer is tooth bleaching using the tooth bleaching kit. In the first stage the dentist will see the current shade of the teeth and make a plan of the number of bleaching appointments for you and also decide on suitable material for it.

Before beginning the tooth whitening  process, the teeth need to be scaled and polished so that the debris layer is removed and teeth are clean and ready for the bleaching process. The next step is to make an impression of the teeth, which is done to make a special tray that snugly fits onto your teeth and into which the bleaching gel is placed before putting the tray onto your teeth.

Once this tray has been prepared, the bleaching gel can be loaded into the tray. The bleaching gel is little caustic and may slightly burn when it comes in contact with the gums. Thus, to avoid burning the gums need to be protected by applying a protective sticky covering gel. Bleaching agent is loaded in the customized tray and put on the teeth. Any excess material that flows out of the tray needs to be wiped off.   The laser light is focussed onto the bleaching tray to activate the chemical reaction. Slowing the active oxygen in the gel is released to bleach any stains on the teeth. The bleaching cycle ranges from 15-45minutes, as per the shade desired. At the end of the cycle the bleaching chemical is first wiped off and then the teeth are thoroughly washed.

The entire procedure by tooth whitening can be repeated multiple times in a number of appointments until satisfactory results are seen.

For after bleaching sensitivity of teeth, the desensitizing pastes and gel are prescribed.These gels may be applied on the teeth and may be used until the problem is completely solved.

Mr. Alex