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From the ingredients to the preserving jars: the secrets to a perfect jam

Preparing your own handmade jam or marmalade with fresh fruit is always a great satisfaction, especially when your family enjoys it afterwards or when it’s used as a gift idea for friends and family.

But what are the little tricks to prepare a really delicious jam? Here are some tips to avoid mistakes:

-Choose only quality fruits, preferably organic, at the right point of ripeness

-Wash and dry the fruits, removing cores, stones and debris.

-Use sugar in sufficient quantities to ensure the conservation of the jam: about 1 kg of sugar per pound of acid fruits (citrus, cherries, berries …) and 0.75 kg each pound of sweet and fleshy fruit (peaches, apricots, grapes)

-In case of uncertainty, better add an extra spoon than one less to avoid problems of preservation!

-Do not exceed 30 minutes of cooking, in order to avoid that the fruit loses flavor.

-Use glass containers with airtight caps (preserving jars) for perfect storage. It comes in many different shapes and capacities, creates a vacuum to protect your jams from external agents, preserving the aromas and flavors for a long time.